Corey Simms, a highly rated four-star wide receiver, has narrowed his choices to two top schools while considering others in the recruiting process.

**Four-star WR Corey Simms Has Two Standouts, Weighing Others**

St. Louis wide receiver Corey Simms has emerged as a standout player in the state of Missouri. With his impressive skills and talent, he is now ranked as the No. 1 prospect in the state, catching the attention of college football programs across the nation.

Earlier this year, Simms, standing at 6-foot-4 and weighing 195 pounds, showcased his abilities on the field, catching 79 passes and making a significant impact on his high school team. His performances have not gone unnoticed, drawing interest from several colleges and universities looking to recruit him for their football programs.

Simms is currently considering his options and weighing his choices as he navigates the recruiting process. While he has two standout schools at the top of his list, he is also open to exploring other opportunities that may come his way. This decision-making process is crucial for Simms as he determines the best fit for his academic and athletic goals.

In addition to his impressive performance on the field, Simms has also excelled off the field, maintaining a strong academic record and showing dedication to his studies. This combination of athleticism and academic achievement makes him a desirable prospect for college football programs seeking well-rounded student-athletes.

As Simms continues to garner interest from various schools, he remains focused on his development both as a player and as a student. With the support of his family, coaches, and teammates, Simms is poised to make a meaningful impact at the collegiate level and beyond.

Stay tuned for updates on Corey Simms’ recruiting journey as he explores his options and makes a decision on his future in college football.