Cori Bush, a member of the far-left Squad, confirms that the Department of Justice is investigating her for the misuse of campaign funds and attributes the investigation to “right-wing organizations.”

The Department of Justice is conducting a criminal investigation into Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) centered around allegations of the misuse of federal security funds. Bush’s husband, Cortney Merrits, a military veteran who provides security services, had been paid well over $100,000 for security services even after the couple married in February. This raised complaints with the Federal Election Commission. The DOJ criminal investigation was first revealed when the department issued a subpoena to the House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms for records relating to the misspending of federal security money. It was indicated that Bush’s security spending was higher than any other “Squad” member. Jake Sherman confirmed her as the target.

Bush eventually confirmed that she is under investigation by the DOJ. In a press conference, she contended that “right-wing organizations” are behind the DOJ investigation. She mentioned these organizations yet again, and concluded that they will not “stop politicizing and pursuing efforts to attack me and the work the people of St. Louis sent me to Congress to do.”

FEC records showed that her campaign doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to a private security firm known as Peace Security, based in St. Louis, which has been reported as a right-wing private security firm that promotes the Second Amendment. The firm is also owned by her husband. Merrits was confronted a few months back by a Fox News reporter, denying any role in Bush’s campaign. Later, it was revealed that he was receiving “security” payments before the description was later switched to “wage expenses.”

Bush has argued that she needs the added security because, as a member of Congress, her value is greater than that of the average citizen. She stated that her safety means, “I get to be here (in Congress) to do the work.” She mentioned that right-wing organizations have lodged baseless complaints against her and peddling untrue notions that she has misused campaign funds to pay for personal security services.

The Office of Congressional Ethics cleared her about one complaint surrounding payments for her husband, though the Department of Justice declined to comment on the matter. Bush is also in the spotlight for her hypocrisy regarding her private security while promoting defunding the police.

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