Could a new Mitsubishi ASX be on the horizon for Australia?

Mitsubishi Develops New Small SUV with Hybrid Power, a Potential Replacement for ASX

Plans are underway in the United States for Mitsubishi’s new small SUV with plug-in hybrid power, which could potentially pave the way for a long-awaited replacement for the 14-year-old ASX in markets like Australia. Mitsubishi dealers in the US have been informed about a new “small plug-in hybrid crossover” set to launch in the second half of 2025 as the brand’s new base model, replacing the Mirage city car. This development is part of Mitsubishi’s strategy to introduce a wave of new models in the US and refresh its aging lineup.

Although details about the new small SUV are scarce, it remains uncertain whether it will be manufactured for right-hand drive markets like Australia. While the focus on the US market is evident, Australian consumers are eagerly awaiting news on whether the new model will be available in their country. Mitsubishi Australia has stated that details regarding Australia’s future product strategy will be revealed at the appropriate time.

A teaser image released by Mitsubishi US showcases seven new or updated vehicles set to launch by April 2030. Among these vehicles are two small SUVs that are speculated to succeed the ASX. If the US-bound small SUV is made available in Australia, it could potentially serve as a replacement for the aging ASX that first entered the market in 2010.

With regards to the potential replacement for the ASX, Mitsubishi has been exploring various options. These include reengineering the Mitsubishi Xforce SUV or introducing a rebranded model like the Renault Captur. Another option under consideration is developing an entirely new model, although this would involve a lengthier development process. Australian showrooms continue to receive deliveries of the current ASX, as Mitsubishi evaluates the best path forward for the model’s successor.

The possibility of Mitsubishi partnering with Nissan to expedite the development of new products is also being considered, suggesting that the new small SUV could be based on a Nissan platform. This collaboration could enable Mitsubishi to introduce new models quickly and profitably to the market. The new SUV, which is expected to replace the Mirage sedan in the US, may be priced competitively, potentially lower than the ASX.

In addition to the new small SUV, Mitsubishi plans to launch a passenger van in the United States towards the end of the decade, based on the D:X concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. This new generation Delica people mover is also being evaluated for the Australian market. Furthermore, an off-road version of the Outlander SUV, known as the ‘Outlander Rugged Edition,’ is in development, resembling a Subaru Outback with rugged features.

Mitsubishi’s future lineup includes electric powertrain options for some models, aligning with the industry’s shift towards electrification. The brand aims to expand its vehicle range in the US significantly by introducing new or renovated vehicles across various segments. Collaboration with Nissan could lead to the introduction of a pickup truck for the North American market, leveraging the strengths of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

As Mitsubishi continues to evolve its product lineup and explore new possibilities for growth, the potential introduction of a new small SUV with hybrid power could signal a new era for the brand. Despite the focus on the US market, Australian consumers remain hopeful for news on the ASX’s successor and eagerly anticipate further developments from Mitsubishi.

The emergence of Mitsubishi’s new small SUV and its potential impact on the Australian market underscores the brand’s commitment to innovation and adaptation in an ever-evolving automotive landscape. With exciting developments on the horizon, Mitsubishi enthusiasts and industry observers alike have much to look forward to in the coming years.