David de Gea decided to return to Manchester this week.

David de Gea decided to return to Manchester this week. However, De Gea is currently a free agent after parting ways with Manchester United at the end of last season.

De Gea still doesn’t have a club as he was officially released by Manchester United. The Premier League giants chose not to extend the goalkeeper’s contract.

De Gea had been rumored to be a target for Real Madrid following Thibaut Courtois’ injury. However, in the end, Los Blancos chose to loan Kepa Arrizabalaga from Chelsea.

Later, De Gea was also linked with Bayern Munich. In the end, the Bundesliga giants only brought in Israeli goalkeeper Daniel Peretz from Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Now, De Gea has caused a stir by posting a photo on his personal Instagram. In the photo, De Gea can be seen relaxing on a tennis court with the location tag ‘Manchester’.

However, as reported by The Sun, De Gea returned to Manchester not to wear the Red Devils’ uniform again. The Spaniard returned to his home in Hale, Cheshire.

The house had been the residence of De Gea and his family for 12 years. Now, he has returned there to clear out the house and move to Spain.

De Gea’s photo in Manchester initially excited many MU fans. They are still very dissatisfied with the performance of the new goalkeeper replacing De Gea, Andre Onana.

Statistics indeed prove that De Gea was better at Manchester United than Onana. De Gea’s save percentage in each match reached 71.1 percent. Meanwhile, Onana’s save percentage was 68.6 percent.

In terms of conceding goals, De Gea’s record is better than his successor’s. On average, De Gea’s goal was scored 1.13 times per game. Meanwhile, Onana’s goal was scored 1.57 times per game.

Similarly, in terms of clean sheets, De Gea’s record is more impressive than Onana’s. The clean sheet percentage for the Spanish goalkeeper is 44.7 percent, while Onana has a clean sheet percentage of 28.6 percent.

After leaving Manchester United in the summer of 2023, David de Gea had a lot of free time as he was not tied to a new club.

The Spanish goalkeeper visited England to clear out his home in Hale, where he had lived for the past 12 years.

During his visit to the United Kingdom, De Gea posted a photo of a tennis court with the location tag “Manchester.”

The player’s post drew many comments from Manchester United fans.

Most of them hoped De Gea would return to guard United’s goal.

“Is there a possibility of a short-term contract until the end of the season?” wrote one netizen.

“Please come back, king, I’m kneeling.”

“Bring him back,” said another internet user.

Manchester United supporters really miss the presence of a reliable goalkeeper after De Gea’s departure.

The Red Devils had already brought in Andre Onana to fill the position between the goalposts.

However, it turns out that Onana’s performance is considered not on par with De Gea.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper suffered 19 goals after playing in the first 11 games in all competitions in the 2023-2024 season.

In the recent Premier League match against Brentford at Old Trafford on Saturday (7/10/2023), Onana conceded one goal.

He made United fall behind 0-1 after failing to save Mathias Jensen’s shot.

The Red Devils were then saved by Scott McTominay, who scored a brace to seal a 2-1 victory.

Due to Onana’s goalkeeping errors, United has suffered a first goal against in four consecutive home matches in the Premier League this season.

Onana’s lack of clean sheets has made it seem like United has returned to its previous shaky form.

Previously, United had suffered a first goal against in four consecutive home matches in the Premier League.

The first such moment occurred in mid-February to March 2014 under coach David Moyes.

United was behind 0-1 when facing Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Aston Villa at the time.

The same thing happened when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was in charge.

During the period from July to September 2020, United once again conceded the first goal in four consecutive home matches in the Premier League.

This is another bad start for Manchester United. Whether in the Premier League or the Champions League, Man United looks like a mediocre team again.

Currently, Manchester United is in 10th place in the current Premier League standings. The squad coached by Erik ten Hag has collected 12 points, with four defeats and four victories.

The situation is even worse in the Group A Champions League standings. Manchester United is at the bottom of the group after suffering two consecutive defeats.

Of course, this poor performance is not unrelated to the performance of several players who are below expectations, with Andre Onana being one of them. However, there are still those who continue to perform well, such as Rasmus Hojlund.

So, who are the winners and losers for Manchester United at the beginning of the 2023/2024 season before the October 2023 international break?

A lot of hope was placed on Onana when he arrived at Old Trafford. The 27-year-old goalkeeper had previously performed exceptionally well with Inter Milan.

However, what happened when he joined Manchester United was beyond expectations. The player not only played below expectations but also did not respect Ten Hag as his manager.

Sancho refused to apologize after rejecting criticism from Ten Hag. Therefore, his career at Manchester United is in danger of ending in the middle of the 2023/2024 season.