Diddy Spotted at Miami Airport, Seen Pacing After Police Raids on Both Residences

Diddy Spotted After Federal Raids on His Homes

TMZ has obtained exclusive footage of Diddy after his homes were raided by federal agents on Monday. In the video, Diddy can be seen walking around calmly, not in handcuffs or on the ground as one might expect in such a situation. The video was shot around 3 PM PT on Monday, a couple of hours after the raids took place at his homes in Beverly Hills and Miami.

Eyewitnesses at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport observed Diddy and some others being stopped by federal agents. The footage shows Diddy pacing around outside a Customs office at the airport, appearing to be alone and not detained or in custody. According to a witness, Diddy was waiting for other people in his party who were also stopped and questioned by the feds.

It has been reported that Diddy was aboard a separate private jet at Opa Locka when Homeland Security officials arrived. Despite the raids on his homes, Diddy was not taken into custody, which aligns with sources indicating that he is not currently under arrest. Furthermore, there is no indication that Diddy is attempting to evade law enforcement.

The federal raids in Los Angeles and Miami were part of an ongoing investigation into alleged federal crimes involving Diddy. Recent lawsuits have accused Diddy of sex trafficking and other offenses, all of which he has vehemently denied. Federal officials have interviewed multiple individuals, including three women and a man, regarding these allegations, with more interviews planned for the future.

NBC News has reported on the investigation, stating that federal officials are actively pursuing leads related to the allegations against Diddy. Additional details about the ongoing investigation and the specific nature of the allegations have not been disclosed.

Diddy’s camp has been contacted for comment on the situation, but as of now, no response has been received. The unfolding events surrounding Diddy’s homes and the federal investigation continue to develop, with many unanswered questions remaining regarding the allegations and the legal proceedings moving forward.