Discover a World of Convenience with Google Maps’ New Feature: Save Your Favorite Places

Google Maps has made a small improvement to one of its features, making it even easier for users to save their favorite places. While this feature is not new, it now has a dynamic update that will save users time and effort.

One of the functions offered by Google Maps is the ability to save locations or places that users want to have easy access to or revisit in the future. For example, users can save their favorite coffee shops or places they would like to explore again. They can either save these sites directly to their favorites or create different lists, such as a list of places to visit or a list of gyms in their city.

This practical feature eliminates the need for users to rely on other applications. And now, Google has announced a small update that makes it even better. Users can now use emojis to identify each list, making it easier to locate places on the map.

This means users can save and designate a location with any emoji they like, going beyond the default emojis provided by the app. For instance, if users have a list of coffee shops they want to visit, they can identify it with the coffee cup emoji. Once this change is made, all the saved places under that list will appear on the map with the chosen emoji. This feature proves to be extremely handy, as it allows users to quickly identify saved places.

If users already have lists created with locations saved in Google Maps, they just need to click on the menu with the three dots and select the “Edit list” option. Clicking on the provided link will direct users to Google Maps, where they can find a wide variety of emojis to choose from. Creating a new list is a breeze – users simply select the emoji along with the necessary information required by the application. This new option adds to the various tricks and useful functions of Google Maps, such as the ability to add the addresses of contacts to the app.

Overall, the recent update by Google Maps has enhanced the experience of saving and organizing favorite places. With the option to use emojis, users can easily distinguish between different lists and locate their saved places with ease.