Discover the Five New Features of the Latest watchOS 10 Update

Apple has recently adopted a new strategy for launching their system updates, spacing out their announcements over time. A great example of this is the release of iOS 17. It wasn’t until the arrival of iOS 17.2 that we saw the promised updates from WWDC, such as the new Diary app.

This strategy has also been applied to the Apple Watch, with the recent quiet release of everything that was promised for watchOS 10 in June 2023. The new features have been rolled out with the arrival of watchOS 10.2, with some being reserved for the latest Apple Watch models.

One of the new features is the double-tap gesture, allowing users to perform basic actions using their thumb and index fingers on the hand with the watch without touching the screen. Another addition is the name drop feature, allowing Apple Watches to share contact information when brought near each other.

A significant update is the ability to give orders to Siri without the need for the iPhone to be nearby or connected to the internet. This feature extends to health data and basic functions, providing more flexibility to users.

For fitness enthusiasts, those subscribed to Apple Fitness+ can regulate the volume of the coach’s voice compared to the music, making it easier to follow workout sessions outdoors.

The integration between HomePods and the latest Apple Watch models has also been improved with watchOS 10.2. Users can now see what is playing on the HomePod screen by bringing their Apple Watch close to the speaker. Recommendations for content from Apple Music and Apple Podcasts are also provided.

Overall, the new features introduced with watchOS 10.2 demonstrate Apple’s commitment to improving the user experience for Apple Watch owners. These updates offer greater convenience, flexibility, and integration between Apple’s devices. It will be exciting to see what else Apple has in store for its loyal users in the future.