Dominican Republic Flood Deaths: Increasing Toll

Reported deaths from flooding in the Dominican Republic

At least 25 people died

Authorities reported the damages caused

The Dominican Republic experienced moments of anguish due to the recent floods that caused multiple deaths in the territory. Authorities reported that this incident claimed the lives of around 25 people and expressed their sorrow for the events. Currently, they are registering the reported damages in various areas of the country and are attentive to a possible considerable increase in the number of victims. It is known that among the human losses is the prosecutor Michael Orozco Marín, who was one of the victims of this unfortunate natural disaster.


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The Dominican Republic is immersed in sadness and anguish after facing a tragedy caused by floods. The CNN news portal reported that Dominican authorities updated the death toll to 25 people. Intense rains that hit the region caused river overflows, flash floods, and landslides. Local authorities, along with rescue teams and aid organizations, have been working tirelessly to assess the magnitude of the damage.

What did the authorities comment?

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On their part, the regional director of Civil Defense, Junior Tineo, stated that the most recent victim was a woman reported as missing. Faced with the facts, the authorities looked for the victim, and shortly after, they found her body, although no further statements were made. At the time of the disappearance report, it was highlighted that her vehicle was swept away by the floods caused by the heavy rains, according to CNN. They also emphasized that search and rescue teams mobilized to provide assistance to the people who needed support during the emergency.

Confirming identities?

Prosecutor Michael Orozco Marín is one of the human losses recorded during this natural disaster. He and five drivers had a concrete wall fall on them. His death has shocked the community, as he was a figure committed to justice. According to EFE, the Secretary of Justice of Puerto Rico, Domingo Emanuelli, lamented the loss of Orozco Marín this Monday. Orozco Marín and his family traveled to the Dominican Republic to find out the gender of the baby he was expecting with his wife.

Constant review?

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According to the EFE agency, several power supply systems are out of service, although the electricity companies Edesur, Edeste, and Edenorte have restored it, according to the nation’s president. Additionally, he stated that 117 out of 243 aqueducts are inoperative as a precaution to protect the system, but they will be operating in a week. The latest bulletin from the Emergency Operations Center (COE) detailed that regarding electric service, 2,857 customers were affected (0.28% of subscribers) in the south of the country. However, in the eastern area, around 12,136 customers (1.52%) were affected and that 1.6 million users were affected in the drinking water supply, EFE reported.

A historic rain?

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These are the consequences of rains that reached 431 millimeters in certain areas of the south and southwest of the country. However, in Santo Domingo, it represents “the event of the highest rainfall in 24 hours in the Dominican Republic,” according to Abinader and cited by EFE. In addition to human losses, significant damage is reported to key infrastructures, including homes, schools, and health centers. Specifically, the tollbooth from the municipality of Naranjal (Monte Plata province, neighboring Santo Domingo) that thousands of people use daily, is closed, EFE reported.

New security measures?

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As the Dominican Republic deals with the aftermath of this tragedy, there is a need not only to provide immediate assistance but also to implement long-term measures to strengthen the resilience of communities to extreme weather events. Climate change is contributing to the intensification of meteorological phenomena, and it is imperative that preventive measures be taken. The Dominican Republic faces a long process of recovery, but with the support of the national and international community, it will be able to overcome this tragedy.