Drama at the House of the Famous: A Celebrity Showdown

The acclaimed reality show La Casa de los Famosos 4, from Telemundo, revealed the name of its first eliminated contestant, Christian Estrada.

In an exclusive interview with MundoNOW, the actor and host shared his feelings after leaving the competition, emphasizing his desire to be authentic.

“I went to the reality show so that people could get to know me as I am. I didn’t enter to wear a mask, I was transparent, that’s who I am,” expressed Estrada.

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Following his nomination along with Clovis Nienow, Rodrigo Romeh, Alfredo Adame, and Thalí García, Christian Estrada had to leave the house.

Estrada’s elimination marked a turning point in the competition, bringing forth a myriad of emotions.

The actor commented on the public’s decision, stating, “I see people regretting, it was decided by the public, let them not complain. This statement reflects Christian’s acceptance of the public’s verdict, although it also conveys criticism towards those who might question the decision.

One of the most intriguing aspects of his participation was his relationship with Guty Carrera.

Estrada admitted to feeling betrayed and revealed that they had agreed to watch each other’s backs in the house: “I felt a little betrayed by Guty, we were supposed to take care of each other inside the house, I trusted his word.”

These revelations add layers of drama to the reality show’s plot, leaving viewers eager for more details.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and controversies, the actor chose to keep his distance from the women, a strategy that, as he confessed, ended up affecting him: “I didn’t approach the women to avoid misunderstandings, I’ve already been involved in controversies and gossip of this kind.”

This caution reveals Estrada’s conscious navigation in an environment prone to misunderstandings.

Among the most notable statements, Christian Estrada addressed the topic of his ex-partner, Alicia Machado, expressing that he was hurt by what she said. “What Alicia said hurt me, I have nice things to say about her. I am used to people speaking ill of me, it no longer affects me,” commented Estrada.

Amidst the controversies, the friendship between Christian Estrada and Thalí García within La Casa de los Famosos stood out.

The actor praised García’s intelligence and tranquility, predicting a promising future for her in the competition.

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