Drew Barrymore Defends Launching New Talk Show Season Amidst Hollywood Writers’ Strike

In a surprising move, actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore has chosen to launch the fourth season of her talk show during the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike. The decision came shortly after Barrymore stepped down from her role as hostess of the MTV Movie Awards, demonstrating her support for the striking writers.

The writers’ strike, which began in May 2023, has been making headlines as many prominent figures in the entertainment industry, including Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, have thrown their weight behind the writers’ demands for fair compensation from major streaming platforms.

Barrymore, known for her roles in iconic films like “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and “Never Been Kissed,” took to Instagram to explain her rationale for returning to her talk show amidst the labor dispute. She expressed her solidarity with the striking writers and emphasized the importance of their cause.

“I chose to step away from hosting the MTV, film, and television awards because that role directly conflicted with the issues the strike is addressing: studios, streamers, film, and television,” Barrymore explained in her Instagram post. “It was also in the early days of the strike, so I did what I believed was the right thing to show my support for the writers.”

Barrymore’s decision to launch her talk show’s new season during the strike raised eyebrows and questions, but she clarified that her show had wrapped production well before the strike began, allowing her to continue without interrupting the schedule.

“We completed our talk show on April 20th, so we didn’t have to halt production. However, I’m also making the choice to return during this strike to our show, which may have my name on it, but this is bigger than just me,” Barrymore stated.

She further defended her choice, highlighting her show’s adaptability and relevance in turbulent times. We’re in compliance with not discussing or promoting films and television affected by the strike. We launched during a global pandemic, and our show was designed for challenging times, addressing real-world issues in real time.

Barrymore concluded her statement with a hopeful message, expressing her desire for a swift resolution to the strike, acknowledging the hardships the entertainment industry has faced, and her commitment to providing a platform for writers to express their creativity.

The Hollywood writers’ strike has continued to evolve, with numerous artists and industry professionals rallying behind the cause. As the strike persists, the entertainment industry watches closely for developments that may reshape the landscape of content creation and compensation. Drew Barrymore’s decision to continue her talk show during this pivotal moment serves as a notable point of discussion within the industry.