Due to the modern F1 cars, Lando Norris, aged 23, suffers from back problems.

Title: Lando Norris Struggles with Back Pain Due to McLaren Chassis in 2022 and 2023 Seasons


McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris has recently disclosed his ongoing battle with chronic back pain, which he attributes to the 2022 McLaren chassis. The 23-year-old driver has revealed that the issue persists even with the updated 2023 car. In an interview with Motorsport.com, Norris shared his struggles with daily stretching routines and lifestyle adjustments aimed at mitigating the discomfort. This article delves into Norris’ experiences and explores the possible causes behind the back pain endured by the young driver.

Norris’ Struggle with Back Pain:

According to Norris, he faces “constant pain” related to the 2022 McLaren chassis. The severity of the problem has prompted him to alter his daily routine, lessening activities such as golfing, walking on the track before races, and cycling. The debilitating condition is a cause for concern, especially considering that Norris is just 23 years old. His determination to alleviate the pain shines through his commitment to rigorous stretching exercises before each session.

Impact of 2023 Rule Changes on Porpoising:

The 2023 season brought several rule changes that aimed to address the issue of porpoising, a phenomenon characterized by unstable vertical oscillation of the car during high-speed racing. These adjustments included modifications to the floor edges, raising the diffuser throat, increasing floor edge stiffness, and imposing stricter minimum ride height rules. By reducing bass stalling, which is the primary cause of porpoising, these changes aimed to create a more stable environment for the drivers.

Connection Between Simplified Suspension Regulations and Back Pain:

While the aforementioned 2023 changes were successful in reducing porpoising, the simplified suspension regulations newly implemented in 2022 contributed to Norris’ back pain. Previously, Formula 1 cars utilized complex cross-linked suspension systems that offered superior ride quality and a stable aerodynamic platform. However, these systems were banned in an effort to reduce costs and enhance overtaking opportunities.

The Impact of Simplified Suspension Regulations on Car Performance:

Although 2023 cars are still prone to porpoising, the core issue lies within the simplified suspension rules. To achieve and sustain F1-level downforce, teams must run their cars at low heights, resulting in increased mechanical rigidity. However, some teams have managed to tackle this problem better than others. It appears that McLaren, based on Norris’ statements, still has room for improvement in this regard.


Lando Norris’ struggle with chronic back pain highlights the physical toll that the 2022 McLaren chassis has taken on the driver. Despite the introduction of 2023 rule changes to address porpoising, Norris’s ongoing discomfort suggests that the simplified suspension regulations may be contributing to his condition. As McLaren seeks to refine their car’s performance, they will likely focus on finding a balance between mechanical rigidity and the comfort and well-being of their drivers. The challenges faced by drivers in the pursuit of faster lap times serve as a reminder that constant innovation and adaptation are required to excel in the competitive world of Formula 1.

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