Ellen Pompeo Confirmed to Reprise Role for Grey’s Anatomy Season 20! Find Out the Proof!

Grey’s Anatomy Set to Return for 20th Season

After an extended hiatus, Grey’s Anatomy fans can finally rejoice as the beloved ABC drama is set to return for its 20th season. This comes after a prolonged delay due to recent writers’ and actors’ strikes, pushing back the premiere of the show until March 14.

The much-anticipated return was definitely worth the wait, with the announcement that the season opener will feature the return of Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. Despite not being listed as a series regular for the first time in history, the veteran actress will reprise her iconic role when the program returns.

The official trailer, published online by People Magazine, features Meredith Grey walking the halls of the famous hospital, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In the trailer, Meredith can be seen asking, “How long do I have to wait?” before Miranda Bailey calls out to her, “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.” The scene quickly shifts to a shot of the surgical interns getting ready for a new day.

Details about what Meredith will be up to in Season 20 are still under wraps, but fans can look forward to her making an appearance and are encouraged to tune in to find out the complete story.

Although Pompeo had a scaled-back role in season 19, where she appeared as an executive producer and provided the opening and closing voiceover for each episode, she has expressed interest in making more appearances in the upcoming season.

In a recent discussion with former Grey’s Anatomy co-star Katherine Heigl, Pompeo expressed her anticipation for making appearances in the upcoming season, indicating that it’s not a complete goodbye. She also hinted at an interesting story to tell in the future.

Pompeo has previously been open about her decision to move on from the show, expressing her desire to move on and focus on new ventures. However, she has been persuaded to stay in the past by generous financial offers, and Season 20 will see her return in a familiar capacity.

Despite being offered a substantial sum of money in the past, Pompeo has remained focused on the story and the development of her character, revealing that she has been striving to convince executives that the show should come to an end.

However, the show’s massive commercial success has kept it on the air, with Pompeo admitting that the financial gains have sometimes outweighed her creative concerns. Now, fans can look forward to her return on March 14, as Season 20 is set to premiere at 9/8c.