Emilia Clarke – Actress and mother Jenny were both awarded MBEs

Actress Emilia Clarke said the MBEs awarded to her and her mother at the New Year Honors were “incredible” as they raise awareness about brain injuries.

The Game of Thrones star suffered two brain haemorrhages in his 20s, then founded the charity in 2019 with his mother Jenny.

They have now been appointed MBEs to serve people with brain injuries.

“I can say for both of us that the MBE is for a cause and charity, and for that the MBE is evil. For that, it’s amazing,” Emilia told BBC News.

“And who wouldn’t want to go to the palace? I asked if I could bring my dog, but apparently you can’t.”


The pair are believed to be the first mother and daughter to receive the same award in the same honors list.

Emilia, 37, said it was a miracle that she was here to talk about the bleeding she suffered in 2011 and 2013.

The first happened when he was in the gym right after he finished filming the first season of Game of Thrones, and left the fight for his life behind.

But he said he found inadequate support and rehabilitation after leaving hospital.

“In hospital, every day you’re told that you’re going to die. Every day you’re watched like a hawk, especially in the brain ward. You’re woken up every two hours. It’s a high-risk scenario. And then three weeks to a month later, you’re allowed out. “

He was so afraid of being sent home that he “found any excuse” to return to the hospital the next day, he said.

“I’m fine, but I was very scared to suddenly be at home, and I was at home with a loving family. It’s not [the same for] everyone, and the fear that you’re left with…

“I had a wonderful nurse, but I was one of the 400 patients she treated. He couldn’t give me more than half an hour every three weeks. This is the daily experience of living after a brain injury.

“Then when I had my second brain haemorrhage, I thought, I have to do something big. Looking at the fact that I’ve survived these two incidents without any repercussions – I’m here for a reason, let me do something about it.

“That’s when we started thinking about the idea of starting a charity.”