Enhanced Health Intelligence: Siri’s Smarter Updates for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Siri: the advancements you didn’t know about in the latest iOS update

Siri has always been a popular topic in the tech world, and more so with the emergence of new artificial intelligence models from OpenAI and Google. However, it seems that Apple has quietly made some improvements to Siri in the latest updates, particularly in relation to health-related requests.

The new and improved Siri feature is available with the iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, and watchOS 10.2 software versions released this week. Although it is currently limited to only two languages, it could soon be available in Spanish.

This update is specifically targeted at certain hardware, including the iPhone XS and later, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, as well as certain iPad models.

One of the major benefits of the update is the ability to quickly check data or add health records by simply asking Siri with a basic command. This means that users can easily access and log their health app data without having to open the ‘Health’ app for certain queries and records.

Some of the examples given by Apple include inquiries about movement rings, steps taken, heart rate, sleep duration, medication intake, weight, menstrual cycle, and body temperature. These requests can be made in US English and Mandarin Chinese, but it is expected that the feature will be available in Spanish in the near future.

Overall, the latest update to Siri may not be revolutionary, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. As Siri continues to evolve, it is clear that Apple is dedicated to improving the user experience and providing more convenient and efficient functions for its users.

In conclusion, while Siri may not be perfect, the new health-related improvements are certainly a step in the right direction. As technology continues to advance, it is likely that we will see further improvements and innovations in the near future.