Enhanced Text Writing Tools with AI Coming to Windows 11

The latest news regarding the new AI functions coming to some of the pre-installed applications of Windows 11 continues to make headlines.

This time, it’s Notepad that could surprise us with an AI assistant that will help improve the text. The details of this new feature are quite promising.

As the rollout of Windows 11 continues, we can expect to see a lot of AI-powered new features in the upcoming app updates. Microsoft has already announced AI-powered features for Paint and Snipping, and the new AI tools for Microsoft Photos have been making it easier for users to edit images without the need for third-party options.

Now, it seems that the Windows Notepad app is set to integrate AI into its dynamics with a feature called Cowriter. This AI assistant is designed to enhance the writing process by providing a range of features such as changing the tone of the text and improving it by adjusting the length of the sentences, among other possibilities.

If you use Notepad to clarify your thoughts or draft emails, you could potentially benefit from these AI features. It’s worth noting that a credit system similar to the one implemented in Image Creator will be used for Cowriter, so it won’t be available for unlimited use.

Currently, the feature is only available within the Windows Insider program on the Canary channel, so it’s unclear when Microsoft will officially implement it in Windows 11. However, it’s likely that Microsoft will gradually roll out this feature or enable a waiting list before making it available to everyone.

It’s clear that there will be many AI-based new features coming to Windows 11 and other Microsoft products in 2024. Additionally, it’s not just Microsoft—other popular platforms are also preparing a series of AI features to enhance their services.

As we move further into the age of AI, it’s exciting to see how these technologies will continue to improve the user experience across various applications and platforms.