Enhanced Visual Experience: AI Imaging now Integrated into Microsoft’s Android Keyboard

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in SwiftKey, its keyboard for Android, which allows users to create and modify images using artificial intelligence. This update follows a previous integration of Bing Chat into the keyboard, which utilized AI to generate text. Now, SwiftKey will use the Dall-E engine, which is supported by Microsoft’s investment in OpenAi, to enable users to create images through text commands and add them directly to their applications.

This new feature can be accessed through a button called “Create” located alongside the icons for GIFs and emojis. By simply typing in the desired text, users can receive variations of images that correspond to their input. Currently, this feature is available only in English. Additionally, SwiftKey now has the ability to correct English grammar in texts, making it easier for users to write lengthy emails if needed. However, it is likely that in order to correct the text, SwiftKey will send it to Microsoft servers, which may be a concern for some users.

In addition to these updates, SwiftKey has also improved its Material You support, allowing the keyboard’s color to change based on the aesthetic theme chosen on the smartphone. The latest version of the keyboard also includes bug fixes, addressing an issue where the keyboard closed when used in certain messaging applications. To access the new version of SwiftKey, users can sign up for the beta or install the APK with version number

This integration of artificial intelligence into SwiftKey reflects the growing trend of AI-powered image generation across major companies. Adobe recently announced the final version of Firefly, its own AI for creating and modifying images, while Microsoft has invested heavily in OpenAi, the creator of the Dall-E engine. By incorporating this technology into its keyboard, Microsoft is providing users with a convenient and innovative way to create and customize images.

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