Enjoy free bangers with Amazon Prime.

American mixed martial arts legend Demetrious Johnson has praised the partnership between ONE Championship and Prime Video for bringing high-quality martial arts action to a wider audience in North America. The two organizations finalized a multi-year agreement last year, which involves the exclusive broadcast of at least 12 live ONE events to Prime Video subscribers in the United States and Canada each year.

Speaking on his MightyCast podcast, Demetrious Johnson commended ONE and Prime Video for their collaboration, which allows fans to watch top athletes from around the world compete in combat sports without additional costs. The current ONE flyweight MMA world champion emphasized the accessibility of the content, stating, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is free to begin with, you don’t got to pay 65, 95 or anything of that shit right now. Probably never because Amazon Prime is giving you bangers for free.”

Demetrious Johnson himself headlined the first ONE on Prime Video show in August last year in Singapore. In that event, he defeated Brazilian rival Adriano Moraes in the fourth round to claim the ONE flyweight title. He then went on to headline the 10th edition of the ONE on Prime Video show in the United States in May, where he faced Moraes again and secured a unanimous decision victory, solidifying his position as the top contender in his division.

Upcoming on September 29, ONE Championship will host ONE Fight Night 14 on Prime Video at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The event will showcase high-stakes matches featuring top women fighters in the promotion, including the interim ONE atomweight MMA world title fight between Thai superstar Stamp Fairtex and South Korean veteran Ham Seo Hee. This event will also be available live and for free to Prime Video subscribers in North America.

The partnership between ONE Championship and Prime Video represents a significant step towards expanding the global reach of martial arts and combat sports. By leveraging the vast audience and platform of Prime Video, ONE Championship is able to bring their top-level fighters and thrilling events to fans in North America. This collaboration not only benefits the promotion by increasing its visibility and fan base but also gives athletes like Demetrious Johnson the opportunity to showcase their skills to a wider audience.

In recent years, mixed martial arts has grown exponentially in popularity, becoming one of the most watched and followed combat sports globally. ONE Championship has established itself as a major competitor in the industry, showcasing some of the most talented fighters from different regions of the world. By partnering with Prime Video, ONE Championship can tap into the large and diverse market in North America, ultimately furthering the growth and appreciation of martial arts.

Prime Video has established itself as one of the leading streaming platforms, offering a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and live sports events. The addition of ONE Championship’s live events enhances their sports offerings, giving subscribers access to exciting combat sports action. This collaboration also showcases Prime Video’s commitment to providing diverse and engaging content to its subscribers.

The availability of ONE Championship events on Prime Video is a win-win situation for both organizations and fans. Prime Video subscribers get to enjoy live and high-quality martial arts action at no extra cost, while ONE Championship gains exposure to a broader audience. This collaboration also presents an opportunity for fans to discover new fighters and become more deeply involved in the sport.

Furthermore, the partnership between ONE Championship and Prime Video demonstrates the growing demand for combat sports content and the increasing recognition of mixed martial arts as a legitimate sport. As the popularity of combat sports continues to rise, collaborations like this provide fans with more avenues to engage with their favorite athletes and promotions.

In conclusion, the partnership between ONE Championship and Prime Video has proven to be a successful venture, allowing fans in North America to access high-quality martial arts events at no additional cost. The inclusion of ONE Championship’s live events on Prime Video enhances the platform’s sports offerings and gives fighters like Demetrious Johnson the opportunity to gain more exposure. This collaboration not only benefits both organizations but also serves to further the growth and appreciation of mixed martial arts as a global sport.