Enrique Guzmán Discusses Apollo and Alejandra Removes Him from Will.

The singer Alejandra Guzmán has made a decisive decision amid the controversy surrounding the paternity of her godson Apolo. She has excluded him from her will, creating a rift in the family ties surrounding this case.

Meanwhile, the singer’s father has stirred up controversy with a comment about the child that has caused backlash on social media. The legal dispute between Luis Enrique Guzmán and his ex-partner, Mayela Laguna, over Apolo’s paternity has yet to be definitively resolved.

Enrique Guzmán’s comments on the appearance of the child have reignited headlines, leading to a series of reactions and public statements. He expressed disappointment as Apolo is his first grandson.

In addition to his comments, Enrique Guzmán also shared a remark made by Silvia Pinal, which further fueled the controversy. This has sparked reactions on social media, with many condemning the behavior of the singer.

Alejandra Guzmán’s decision to remove Apolo from her will has been revealed, following a statement from Luis Enrique Guzmán disavowing the child’s paternity. Despite media inquiries, Alejandra Guzmán confirmed the exclusion and expressed a desire to put this chapter behind her.

The uncertainty surrounding Apolo’s paternity persists, especially after Enrique Guzmán mentioned the cancellation of a DNA test by Mayela Laguna. This ongoing saga continues to captivate the public eye, with Alejandra Guzmán standing firm in her decision to sever legal ties with Apolo, marking a turning point in this intricate family drama.