Ex-chauffeur’s Revelations Shed Light on Shakira and her Brother

Revelations about Shakira’s Work Treatment: Former Driver Exposes Labor Conditions

Shakira continues to make headlines as she finds herself involved in various controversies since her controversial separation from Gerard Piqué. Multiple former employees of the Colombian singer have come forward, claiming that her attitude is less than desirable. However, this time even the singer’s brother and right-hand man has been implicated in the allegations by a supposed former employee. But before you continue reading, we invite you to listen to Sargento El Podcast by CLICKING HERE.

Through the Spanish television program Socialité, new details related to the singer have come to light. Just like other former employees, a driver has revealed that Shakira’s treatment towards her workers is not entirely friendly. The supposed chauffeur of Shakira exclusively revealed to the Spanish program the working conditions he faced while working with her. He explained that it was a disappointing experience and even put his safety at risk due to the demands of the Colombian singer and her brother while working.

“I confirm that the experience with Shakira and her brother Tonino during 10 days in Madrid was one of the most disappointing in my life,” said the supposed chauffeur on the show. He pointed out that working with the Colombian singer required signing a contract with excessive demands that put his life at risk. “Including dangerous demands such as turning the rearview mirror downwards, because according to them, you could be tempted to look at her,” he said about the clauses. He also revealed that the attitude of Shakira’s right-hand man was no better than hers, as his actions left much to be desired.

Like other former employees, the supposed chauffeur who worked with her in Spain unveiled the mistreatment. However, Shakira’s brother also became the target of accusations from the former employee, revealing how he treated the workers. “Tonino sits in the passenger seat and constantly shouts at you,” explained the supposed former chauffeur about Shakira’s brother. “He pretends that she is unaware of the situation when Shakira is fully aware and benevolently witnesses each negligent situation,” he said about Tonino.

However, not only did he reveal the rude attitude towards the singer’s workers, but he also accused him of betraying his own sister. The supposed former chauffeur accused Tonino of colluding with the multiple paparazzi who follow the singer without her knowledge. “He blames drivers and employees of any kind of leaks when he was the one completely in cahoots with the paparazzi,” he confessed. “Clearly, he would give them instructions over the phone, for example, ‘Shaki is not going out anymore,'” the man claimed for the Spanish show on Telecinco, according to La Vanguardia.

The accusations didn’t stop there, as the man added that the Colombian singer tends to be stingy with her employees. “They don’t give tips. They ask you to run errands and advance the money out of your own pocket,” the man revealed. “Then you find yourself practically begging them to reimburse you for the amount you have advanced out of your own pocket for their whims,” he concluded. His statements join those of other employees who have labeled Shakira as an unpleasant employer. Related article.