Exclusive: Adam Driver’s ‘Ferrari’ Co-Stars Rave About His Unbelievable Transformation for His Role

Adam Driver Stuns Co-Stars with Impressive Transformation in “Ferrari” Biopic

Adam Driver has once again showcased his incredible ability to completely transform his appearance for a film role. The talented actor, known for his immersive approach to character portrayal, has left his co-stars in awe with his latest makeup wizardry.

Driver’s latest impressive transformation can be seen in the upcoming biopic drama “Ferrari,” in which he stars as the iconic car creator and racing legend Enzo Ferrari.

Penélope Cruz, who plays Enzo’s wife, Laura Ferrari, spoke with ET’s Cassie DiLaura at the film’s premiere on Tuesday, held at the DGA theater in Los Angeles, and shared her experience of working with Driver and witnessing his incredible physical transformation.

“We were there, preparing together, so it was a gradual process that we would see on each other with [director] Michael [Mann],” Cruz recalled. “I saw, little by little, how, in the camera test, they would try one thing another thing.”

“It was a long process that was worth it, because it looked so real,” Cruz added.

Cruz’s co-star in the film, Shailene Woodley, who plays Enzo’s mistress, Lina Lardi, also marveled at Driver’s incredible physical transformation.

“I think the first time I saw [him], there was just like photos that I’d seen in the makeup trailer or something, and I couldn’t believe it was him,” Woodley shared. “He was unrecognizable!”

“That’s the power though, of making movies,” Woodley added. “That’s why I feel like a little kid every single time I get to do it. It never gets old, because [the] people are just these magicians. It’s like alchemy!”

The impressive makeup work and Driver’s dedication to the role have left those involved in the film in awe, and the anticipation for the film’s release is now at an all-time high. “Ferrari” is set to hit theaters on December 25.

Driver has consistently demonstrated his commitment to his craft and his willingness to undergo physical transformations to fully embody the characters he portrays on screen. Whether it’s playing a space villain in the “Star Wars” series or a real-life person in a biopic, Driver has continually showcased his range and dedication as an actor.

In “Ferrari,” Driver’s transformation into Enzo Ferrari required significant make-up work to age him into the character of the auto legend. The process involved a gradual adjustment of his appearance, which was meticulously crafted to achieve a realistic and authentic look for the film.

Driver’s incredible ability to completely immerse himself in his roles has earned him widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. His dedication to his craft and his willingness to undergo physical transformations for his characters are a testament to his commitment to delivering compelling and authentic performances.

As fans anticipate the release of “Ferrari,” Driver’s latest transformation stands as a testament to his dedication and talent as an actor. The film promises to provide audiences with a powerful and immersive portrayal of the iconic Enzo Ferrari and offers a glimpse into the incredible artistry and skill that goes into bringing a real-life story to the big screen.

As the premiere of “Ferrari” approaches, fans and industry insiders alike eagerly anticipate the unveiling of Driver’s remarkable transformation and the impactful performances from the talented cast.

It’s clear that Driver’s latest transformation in “Ferrari” is yet another example of his remarkable commitment to his craft and his willingness to push boundaries to bring authentic and compelling characters to life on the big screen.