Exclusive: Jon Cryer responds to the potential reconciliation between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre, hints at a possible ‘Two and a Half Men’ reunion

Jon Cryer Open to Returning to Two and a Half Men

Jon Cryer, primarily known for his role as Alan Harper in the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, recently expressed interest in reprising his role on the show. This revelation came following news of series creator Chuck Lorre’s reconciliation with actor Charlie Sheen, who played the character Charlie Harper.

During an interview with ET, Cryer revealed his willingness to consider returning to the popular sitcom saying, “I’m not going to rule anything out, but I haven’t talked to Charlie. I’m really glad they made up… I can only say for Chuck, clearly. He has the enormous relief of somebody who’s been able to rekindle a friendship that was really meaningful to him.”

The reconciliation between Lorre and Sheen comes after their public falling out in 2011. Sheen entered rehab for the third time, leading to the show being put on hiatus. The subsequent public disparaging comments from Sheen led to CBS and Warner Bros. canceling the remaining episodes of the season, terminating Sheen’s contract, and banning him from their production lot. Ashton Kutcher was brought in to replace Sheen, and the show continued for four more seasons.

However, Lorre’s new show, Bookie, brought about a change in dynamics. Lorre reached out to Sheen to play a fictionalized version of himself in the new series. Cryer expressed his happiness over the reconciliation between Lorre and Sheen, “He and Charlie were very, very close for the first few years of Two and a Half Men and that they’ve managed to reconcile is really lovely.”

While Cryer stated that he hasn’t spoken to Sheen, he didn’t rule out the possibility of reconnecting for a potential return to Two and a Half Men. Lorre, on the other hand, expressed his excitement about working with Sheen again, calling their reconciliation “a great opportunity for us to bury that darkness, and have fun.”

Cryer has since moved on to a new project, a sitcom titled Extended Family. He stars as Jim, a happily divorced man who lives with his ex-wife, played by Abigail Spencer, and their kids as she starts dating someone new, portrayed by Donald Faison.

During an interview about the new show, Cryer expressed his enthusiasm, “We shot the pilot of this show almost two years ago, because it’s taken this crazy winding path. We all love it so much and we all cared about it so much… We could not be more thrilled for America to finally get a chance to see it.”

Extended Family promises to offer a unique take on the concept of family post-divorce, with Faison commenting, “This is a show where the parents are like, ‘Look, for the kids let’s have an amicable divorce and really show them that we’re still partners in raising them.” Spencer also added, “What I love about the show is we’re showing that there could be a different way to do divorce… I just haven’t seen anything like this on TV.”

The new show is set to air its first episode on Dec. 23 on NBC, with the premiere in its regular timeslot scheduled for Jan. 2.

Overall, Cryer’s openness to returning to Two and a Half Men has sparked excitement among fans of the show, while his new project promises to offer an insightful and unique portrayal of family dynamics post-divorce.