Exclusive: Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy Share Their Planned Duration on ‘Masked Singer’ for Season 10

“The Masked Singer” Panelists and Host Reflect on 10th Season and Future Outlook

As “The Masked Singer” gears up for its highly anticipated 10th season, the show’s esteemed panelists and host show no signs of stepping back anytime soon. ET’s Denny Directo had the opportunity to visit the set ahead of the season premiere and spoke with panelists Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke, as well as host Nick Cannon, about the milestone season and their long-term commitment to the popular show.

Jenny McCarthy, who has been a panelist since the show’s inception, expressed her excitement about reaching the 10-season mark. She confidently stated, “I have 30 more seasons in me.” Being part of the show’s 10th season is like a dream come true for McCarthy, and she believes that “The Masked Singer” has the potential to have a long and successful run, just like “American Idol.” McCarthy shared, “There are a lot of celebrities that can sing and are hiding it.”

Robin Thicke, another dedicated panelist, reflected on his experience being part of the show for so many seasons. He marveled at how fast time has flown by, remarking that being on “The Masked Singer” is one of his favorite things in life and in his career. For Thicke, being able to watch amazing performances, experience the excitement of the audience, and spend time with his friends on set has been an incredible blessing. He further revealed that the show’s growing audience has added to the joy, stating, “So it’s really a blessing on top of blessing.”

When asked about his plans for the future, Thicke enthusiastically expressed his desire to be part of the show for many more seasons. He declared, “I’m down! Yeah, I’m down for 25 seasons. Absolutely.” Thicke pointed out that the show’s schedule is ideal for him as a father of four. With only a few months of shooting each year, Thicke has ample time to spend with his family and pursue other endeavors.

Thicke shares three children with his fiancée, April Love Geary, namely daughters Mia (5) and Lola (4), and son Luca (2). In addition, he has a 13-year-old son named Julian from his previous marriage to Paula Patton. Being part of “The Masked Singer” has not only allowed Thicke to spend more quality time with his loved ones, but it has also helped him grow as an individual. Thicke shared, “I’ve learned a different side of myself. I think I really learned how to laugh at myself more… And I think that’s been very good for me.”

Nick Cannon, the charismatic host of “The Masked Singer,” is also amazed by the show’s success. He described it as “so exciting” and a badge of honor. Cannon acknowledged that many people initially had doubts about the show’s concept, but seeing it reach its 10th season is a testament to its popularity and uniqueness. Before joining the show as a host in its debut episode, Cannon was more focused on behind-the-scenes work. However, he was drawn to the show’s fun and unique nature, which made hosting feel like anything but work.

Hosting “The Masked Singer” has not only provided Cannon with an enjoyable experience but has also allowed him to form lasting connections with his colleagues. He expressed how the show has brought them closer together, stating, “Now, I can’t imagine my life without them.”

Reflecting on the longevity of “The Masked Singer” and its enduring popularity among superfans, Cannon attributed its success to the continuous improvement of the show. He believes that “The Masked Singer” has become a staple in pop culture, with people eagerly anticipating each season to discover which celebrities will be part of the masked performances.

Fans of “The Masked Singer” can look forward to the highly anticipated season 10 premiere on Sunday, September 10, immediately following the NFL Double Header on Fox. As the show embarks on its milestone season, the panelists and host are excited to continue entertaining audiences and bringing joy to viewers around the world.

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