Experience the Eye-Opening Moment as a Black Family Uncovers the Truth Behind Slavery’s History

Title: Cartier Family Discovers the True History of Slavery

A viral video featuring the Cartier Family has sparked conversations about the true history of slavery. Conservative media personality Candace Owens, in a video for PragerU, challenges the commonly held notion that white people initiated slavery. Instead, Owens argues that slavery has a long and complex history, prevalent in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. She also highlights how white people were the pioneers in formally abolishing the practice.

The Video: Candace Owens Unveils the Real History of Slavery
The Cartier Family sat down to watch a video produced by Candace Owens for PragerU. Titled “The Real History of Slavery,” the video challenges popular narratives surrounding slavery’s origins and highlights surprising facts. Owens emphasizes that slavery was not exclusive to Europe and America but was historically present in various regions, including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. She explains how the word “slave” originated from the enslavement of the “slavs” in Eastern Europe. Owens points out that white Europeans were captured and enslaved by Muslims in the ninth century and later by the Ottoman Turks. She further adds that slavery existed even during ancient Egyptian times, dating back 5,000 years.

White People’s Role in Ending Slavery:
Candace Owens asserts that white Europeans were the first to formally abolish slavery. She highlights the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 in Britain, making it the first country in the world to pass such legislation. France followed suit in 1848, abolishing slavery in its colonies. Owens draws attention to the significant contribution of the 300,000 Union soldiers, mostly white, who fought and died during the Civil War to end slavery in the United States.

The Cartier Family’s Reaction:
The Cartier Family, visibly stunned by the revelation, shared their raw emotions after watching the video. Accustomed to the prevailing left-wing narrative on slavery, they found it difficult to digest the new information. One family member admitted feeling ignorant due to the misrepresentation of history. The video created a paradigm shift for the Cartier Family, prompting them to question the victim narrative perpetuated by the left.

The Implications of the Truth:
The left has frequently used slavery, a practice abolished 160 years ago in the United States, to perpetuate a victim narrative among black people. However, understanding the true history of slavery helps dismantle this narrative and acknowledges that individuals today cannot be held responsible for the actions of their ancestors. It also underscores the importance of confronting complex historical truths instead of oversimplifying history to fit certain agendas.

Candace Owens’ video on the true history of slavery has created a stir, challenging the prevailing narratives surrounding the origins and abolition of slavery. The Cartier Family’s reaction reflects the impact of unearthing historical facts that have been concealed or distorted. Recognizing the complexities of history is crucial in moving towards a more nuanced understanding of slavery’s legacy and its implications for society today. By sharing this video and engaging in conversations about the truth of slavery, individuals can contribute to a more informed and balanced perspective.