Exploring the rationale behind the rear swing door on the upcoming 2024 Ford F-150

Ford Introduces Pro Access Tailgate on 2024 F-150: A Game-Changer for Truck Workspaces

In recent years, truck manufacturers have been pushing the boundaries of tailgate innovation, transforming it from a simple utility feature to a multifunctional workspace. Joining the ranks of these innovators is Ford, which is set to enhance the potential of its tailgate with the introduction of an optional “swing door” on the 2024 Ford F-150, making access to the truck bed easier than ever before.

Known as the Pro Access Tailgate, this feature adds a side-opening door inside the conventional tailgate. While it may initially evoke memories of the Ram Barn Door Tailgate, which had a built-in step but failed to make a significant impact, Ford has learned from its competitor’s misstep and made its own tailgate more functional.

The swing door is designed with the handle on the left side and the hinge on the right, reducing the distance between the driver’s seat and the bed opening. Additionally, the hinge has detents at 37, 70, and 100 degrees, allowing for easy use in various scenarios with limited space.

In situations where a trailer jack may be present, users can keep the swing door at 37 degrees to prevent any collision. Alternatively, for those maneuvering in tight spaces like a garage, the 70-degree position provides ample clearance. The swing door can also be fully opened to 100 degrees, allowing users to slide items out of the bed without needing to lower the entire tailgate. This feature provides an extra 24 inches of reach into the bed, which would otherwise be obstructed by a traditional tailgate. Moreover, the swing door makes accessing features such as the Professional Energy on Board and the bed storage box much easier. Notably, the design is compatible with bed accessories like dividers and a tonneau cover, further enhancing its versatility.

While it remains unclear which F-150 versions will offer the Pro Access Tailgate, it is safe to assume that it will be available across the range. This innovation demonstrates Ford’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of truck owners, providing a more efficient and convenient workspace on the go.

In addition to the Pro Access Tailgate, the 2024 F-150 comes equipped with other notable features. An optional rear bumper step has been introduced, which offers a wider and deeper stepping surface compared to previous models. This improvement aims to enhance accessibility when loading and unloading cargo. Furthermore, the tailgate features a built-in work surface, ruler, cup holder, and other practical features that are invaluable for professionals working on job sites.

Overall, Ford’s introduction of the Pro Access Tailgate on the 2024 F-150 marks a significant development in the world of truck workspaces. With its innovative swing door design and user-friendly functionality, this feature is poised to revolutionize how truck owners utilize their vehicles for work and recreational purposes.

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