Fans fear for Bill Belichick as poached Patriots assistant coach signals potential fallout.

New England Patriots Wide Receiver Coach Leaves for College Football

For many years, working with Bill Belichick and the Patriots was the best way to build a resume for a coach. It often led to better positions with other NFL teams as franchises around the league tried to replicate New England’s approach to the game. However, recent events have led to speculation about the future of the coaching staff and the overall success of the Patriots.

An example of the impact of the team’s success on individual coaches is Josh McDaniels. Despite his disastrous record as the head coach of the Denver Broncos, he was hired to the same position by the Las Vegas Raiders. He was involved in all of their six Super Bowl wins, which undoubtedly overshadowed any consideration of how bad he was at Mile High. However, since his recent removal from his stint with the team, it is clear that the situation was not ideal.

More pertinently, as Bill Belichick also struggles this season with the Patriots, all of the coaches’ resumes are being given another look as it seems that Tom Brady was central to their success and not their methods. Assistant coaches seem to be acutely aware of that too, based on the latest news.

Ross Douglas, the team’s wide receiver coach, is leaving the Patriots to join Syracuse in the same position. He has been with New England for the last three years, and he is not getting a higher position as a college coach. Yet, he is choosing to leave. This departure has raised concerns among fans, sparking fears of a wider fallout that might consume Bill Belichick.

Fans believe that Ross Douglas leaving the NFL to drop down to college football is the clearest sign yet that the coaches are bearing the brunt of a disappointing season for the Patriots, where they currently have a 3-10 record. They took to social media to highlight their concerns.

While this could signal a massive overhaul for the Patriots coaching staff, it could also mean that Bill Belichick himself is seeking a new direction after New England receivers failed to perform well this season. The Patriots are in the bottom half of the league for passing yards this season, and Mac Jones, the team’s quarterback, has underperformed due to lack of support from the receiving core. Therefore, Ross Douglas might have felt that his job was in jeopardy at the end of the season.

Ross Douglas was with new Syracuse coach Fran Brown on his staff at Rutgers, and he might have felt that reuniting with him was a better option for him at this point in his career.

The departure of Ross Douglas has led to speculation about the future of the Patriots’ coaching staff and the impact of the team’s recent struggles. It has also raised questions about the sustainability of the approach that has made the Patriots a dominant force in the league for decades.

As the team grapples with their disappointing season, fans and analysts are closely watching the developments within the coaching staff, hoping for clarity and a way forward. The departure of Ross Douglas is seen as a significant move that could have broader implications for the team and its established coaching staff.