First Mexican Visitors Arrive from Israel: Captivating Images Unveiled

Mexican Government Uses Military Aircraft to Evacuate Citizens from Israel

A group of 143 Mexicans arrived in Mexico City on the evening of Wednesday, October 11th, coming from Israel. They were transported by one of the two military aircraft provided by the government to evacuate nearly 1,000 people from the conflict zone. This humanitarian action demonstrates the Mexican government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its citizens.

The second aircraft was scheduled to arrive at midnight, bringing the total number of repatriated Mexicans to 287. Alicia Bárcena, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, communicated this information through her social media account. This effort took place while other countries were also activating different evacuation methods due to the escalation of the conflict.

The first group of repatriates landed at an airport north of the capital, managed by the Mexican Armed Forces. This contingent was mainly composed of minors, elderly individuals, women, and sick people, whose departure was more urgent. It also included members of the national rhythmic gymnastics team, who expressed their gratitude for the support they received. The return of these Mexicans was an emotional event, where they were greeted with applause and displays of happiness. One woman, in a gesture of gratitude, kissed the ground upon disembarking the aircraft, as detailed by The Associated Press.

However, it has been reported that the current situation in the Middle East has become extremely bleak and concerning. Various Latin American governments have reported at least ten deaths from the region and around 25 people missing. This follows Hamas’ attack on Israel last weekend, which triggered a war that has claimed over 2,300 lives. Colombia confirmed the tragic death of Ivonne Rubio, a citizen with dual Colombian-Israeli nationality, while her boyfriend remains missing. Argentina reported the deaths of seven of its citizens on Monday, and Peru confirmed two deaths on Tuesday. Among the missing are at least 15 Argentines, two Mexicans, three Brazilians, and one Chilean, according to The Associated Press. Uncertainty and anguish have weighed on the families of these citizens, who are awaiting encouraging news.

Mexico stated that around 1,000 citizens had requested evacuation from Israel following the attacks. Argentina has begun repatriating over 700 compatriots, while Chile has started with 200 of them. President Gabriel Boric assured that all necessary flights would be carried out to evacuate the four hundred individuals who registered. Colombia, on the other hand, has made two military aircraft available for the return of its citizens during the weekend. Additionally, 14 Bolivians managed to leave Israel on a Spanish military aircraft, and they are expected to arrive in Bolivia in the coming hours. These joint efforts underscore the importance of international cooperation in ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens.

The images of the first repatriated Mexicans arriving from Israel have circulated on Azteca Noticias’ official TikTok account. The governments of Latin America are working tirelessly to evacuate their citizens, and maintaining solidarity is crucial, as stated by AP.