Florida Blocks Immigration Law: No More Problems Wanted!

A federal court in Florida has blocked a provision of a 2023 law that prohibited non-citizen members of civil organizations from registering voters. Judge Mark Walker ruled that this requirement was discriminatory and violated the plaintiffs’ right to equal protection under the law. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) represented the plaintiffs, including pro-immigrant organizations like the Hispanic Federation and Poder Latinx.

The organizations filed a lawsuit last year against the unconstitutional provision of SB 7050, which imposed a $50,000 fine for non-citizens who handled voter registration forms on behalf of these organizations. The restriction also applied to legal permanent residents, many of whom have long-standing ties to their communities. The court’s decision was hailed as a victory for democracy in Florida.

The discriminatory nature of the SB 7050 provision was condemned by Hispanic Federation President Frankie Miranda, who emphasized the importance of protecting the rights of all residents, especially those who may be disadvantaged due to their immigration status. This ruling not only has legal implications but also political and social significance, highlighting the need to safeguard the rights of all individuals, regardless of their immigration status.