Football Manager to Include Manchester United Loanee Mason Greenwood in the Upcoming Game: Reports

Reports suggest that Mason Greenwood, who is currently on loan at Getafe from Manchester United, will soon make his return to Sports Interactive’s popular video game, Football Manager.

As per The Athletic, the developers of Football Manager are planning to reintroduce the 21-year-old forward, who joined La Liga’s Getafe on a season-long loan during the transfer deadline.

Mason Greenwood is making a comeback to football after being out of action for over a year following his arrest in January 2022. Notably, charges related to alleged sexual assault against him were dropped when key witnesses withdrew from the case.

During that time, Greenwood was removed from both EA Sports’ FIFA 23 and Football Manager, and he has remained absent from either video game since. His removal from Football Manager occurred shortly after his arrest.

However, it appears that Greenwood is poised to make a return to the virtual pitch in the managerial simulation game. This decision comes despite Manchester United facing significant backlash when considering his reinstatement at the club. A spokesperson for Football Manager explained their stance to the aforementioned source:

“Players or officials facing indefinite suspensions from football, for any reason, are excluded from Football Manager at the earliest opportunity. When suspensions or playing restrictions are lifted, the player or official will be reinstated in the game during the next scheduled update.”

Football Manager 24 is anticipated to be released in November, following the previous edition’s release in November 2022.

Greenwood had an impressive record at Manchester United, scoring 35 goals and providing 12 assists in 129 games. He was once hailed as a future superstar at Old Trafford, but his arrest ultimately led to his departure from the club.

Getafe Defends Their Signing of Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood
A spokesperson for Getafe recently defended their contentious decision to sign Mason Greenwood by emphasizing that the player had been declared innocent. The spokesperson stated:

“We do not wish to comment on the investigation. This individual has been declared innocent and acquitted, just like any of us. As soon as we learned of his innocence, we had nothing more to add.”

Manchester United conducted an internal investigation into the matter following Greenwood’s acquittal. It took several months, and it seemed that the club was ready to welcome him back. However, the Premier League giants changed course after fan sentiment against his return on social media became clear.

Getafe has also faced criticism for signing the Englishman, and their frequent social media posts featuring Greenwood have generated outrage from fans and domestic violence charity organizations.