Forget Them: 5 Google Tricks to Move On

The digitization of routine tasks is accelerating at a rapid pace. In Spain, even the administration is actively supporting this trend with initiatives such as the My Citizen Folder app and the ability to carry the electronic certificate on mobile devices. Nowadays, using apps to travel, connect, and work has become a common practice in various aspects of life.

While these digital solutions greatly simplify tasks and processes, they also bring about a new scenario where security becomes crucial. Unfortunately, many people resort to weak passwords like 0000 or 1234 to avoid forgetting them, which poses security risks. Creating strong and memorable passwords is essential to protect personal information online.

One effective way to manage complex passwords without having to remember them all is by using a password manager, such as the one integrated into Google’s Android phones and Chrome browser. This feature allows users to securely store and retrieve passwords for different online services and applications.

Additionally, Google’s password manager can alert users if a specific password has been compromised and offers options to export, import, or delete passwords as needed. It also provides the option to add an extra layer of security through password encryption for added protection.

By utilizing the password manager built into Google services, users can enhance their online security and streamline their password management process. It is a convenient and practical solution for the average consumer, encouraging the use of longer and more secure passwords without the hassle of memorizing them. With these tools at their disposal, individuals can better safeguard their digital identities and sensitive information in an increasingly digitized world.