Former Mexican Footballer Suffers Tragic Death

Former footballer Luis Roberto Alves, known as ‘Zague’, is going through one of the most painful moments of his life. The news of a loved one’s death has left the now TV Azteca commentator in mourning. Messages of support and solidarity from the football community have poured in for him during this difficult time.

Zague, an icon of Mexican football and top scorer for Club America, is currently grieving the loss of his mother, Cleide Gavranic Alves dos Santos, in Brazil. The outpouring of love and sympathy towards Zague and his family from fans, colleagues, and figures in the football world has been overwhelming.

The Mexican TV network TV Azteca announced the heartbreaking news of Cleide Gavranic Alves dos Santos’ passing on social media. While the exact circumstances surrounding her death have not been disclosed, the impact of her loss on Zague is undeniable.

In these tough times, the memory of Cleide will serve as a source of strength and hope for Zague and his family as they navigate the grieving process. The solidarity shown by Liga MX clubs and media outlets is a testament to the deep respect and admiration for the former America player.

Teams like Mazatlán FC and Club Puebla have expressed their condolences and support for Zague and his family. The football community has come together to offer comfort and solidarity during this difficult period.