Freepik’s Revamped Image Invigorates US Market Expansion

Freepik, a leading global provider of graphic and audiovisual content, has taken a major step in its international expansion strategy. With a successful track record spanning 12 years and boasting over 100 million monthly users, the company aims to solidify its presence in key markets.

To achieve this goal, Freepik has recently established an office in San Francisco, led by industry veteran José Florido, who brings valuable experience from companies such as Spotify and Meta. This strategic move clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to strengthening its position in the North American market.

In collaboration with the renowned agency Partners in Crime, Freepik has undergone a brand overhaul, unveiling a new logo and corporate image that symbolize the flexibility and creative power of design and ideas. This revamp goes beyond aesthetics, as it also involves a reevaluation of the company’s mission.

While the brand’s flagship color, Blue Piki, remains intact, Freepik has introduced an alternative color palette inspired by its city of origin, Malaga. This new palette offers significant contrasts and adds a touch of vibrancy and diversity to the brand.

One of the distinctive elements of the new logo is the inverted ‘i,’ which has been transformed into an exclamation point. This small detail not only enhances the visual appeal of the logo but also represents the company’s commitment to sparking creativity and joy among its users.

Freepik’s mission has also been redefined to focus more on the power of design. In addition to serving as a tool for designers, Freepik now aims to facilitate the creative process, empowering individuals to unleash their artistic potential.

Carlos Cantú, CMO of Freepik, and Joaquín Cuenca, CEO of the company, emphasize the efficiency and collaborative efforts of the teams involved in this brand transformation.

This strategic change in branding and mission has the potential to significantly impact Freepik’s positioning in the global market, particularly in the highly competitive and complex US market.

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