From Xiaomi and Honor to OnePlus, Oppo, and Vivo: Exploring the Evolution of Smartphone Brands

Google recently announced some of the exciting new features of Android 15, including enhanced security measures to protect against theft. Unlike previous years, the beta version of this major update is not exclusive to Pixel devices and is now available to a wider range of manufacturers.

In addition to the announcement, a new update, Android 15 Beta 2, was released with additional features, although not all will be included in the final update. Some of the highlighted features include the ability to block access to the phone when it is taken from the user’s hand, a private space feature akin to Samsung’s Private Folder, the option to add cards as photos in Google Wallet, and an updated Maps feature that provides a detailed view of the user’s surroundings using the mobile camera.

Furthermore, manufacturers such as HONOR, OPPO, Xiaomi, and others have their own pages on the Google developers’ website where users can find information about the beta update specific to their devices. This new update also incorporates AI technology, as previously announced.

The beta version of Android 15 is now available for a wide range of devices, expanding beyond Pixel devices. Users can access the beta page of their device’s manufacturer on the Google website to learn more about the installation process and any potential issues or bugs associated with the beta version.

It is important to note that the beta version of Android 15 is primarily intended for developers and may not be suitable for everyday use. Users are advised to verify that essential functions are working properly and to be aware of any potential issues before installing the update.