Fulfill your childhood arcade fantasies with this life-size trophy truck simulator.

CXC Simulations Unveils Full-Size Truck Simulator for Off-Road Enthusiasts

In the world of off-road enthusiasts, the thrill of tackling challenging trails is exhilarating. But what happens when you can’t hit the trails as often as you’d like? Enter CXC Simulations, a Hawthorne, California-based firm that has taken the off-road experience to the next level with its Motion Pro Truck simulator.

The Motion Pro Truck is not CXC’s first foray into the world of off-road simulation. The company previously created an off-road Trophy Truck simulator for Norwegian Cruise Lines passengers, which proved to be a popular attraction. Building on the success of the cruise line simulator, CXC decided to develop a personal-use version of the simulator, eliminating the need to wait for a cruise to enjoy the experience.

The Motion Pro Truck features a chassis that is specifically designed for simulation purposes, making it more adaptable for home or commercial use. The simulator incorporates speed-dependent wind fans to provide users with a full sensory experience, adding to the realism of the off-road driving simulation. The control panel of the Motion Pro Truck can be placed inside or outside the vehicle, giving users flexibility in how they operate the simulator.

With its professional-level simulations, CXC Simulations caters to serious off-road enthusiasts who are looking to hone their skills in a controlled environment. However, this level of quality comes at a price, with simulator packages starting at $75,000. Additional features such as virtual reality headsets, larger screens, and composite seats can further drive up the cost, making CXC’s simulators a significant investment for those serious about improving their off-road driving abilities.

While the Motion Pro Truck simulator offers a high-tech and immersive off-road driving experience, some enthusiasts may prefer to hit the actual trails in a real vehicle. For those looking to explore off-road routes closer to home, technologies like the onX Offroad App can help users discover 4×4 trails in their area.

For off-road enthusiasts who are passionate about perfecting their skills and experiencing the thrill of off-road driving, CXC Simulations’ Motion Pro Truck simulator offers a unique and exhilarating way to practice and improve. Whether used for personal enjoyment or in a commercial setting, this simulator provides a taste of the off-road experience in a controlled environment.

In conclusion, CXC Simulations has once again raised the bar in off-road simulation with the introduction of the Motion Pro Truck. With its cutting-edge technology and realistic driving experience, the simulator offers off-road enthusiasts a new way to immerse themselves in the excitement of off-road driving.