Gayle King shock with her appearance as a ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit model at the age of 69.

Gayle King Makes History as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

In a groundbreaking move, legendary journalist Gayle King has been selected to grace the cover of an upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated as a swimsuit model. At 69 years old, King is breaking barriers and redefining beauty standards in the media industry. The prestigious magazine has also chosen three other women to appear alongside King on the cover – Chrissy Teigen, Hunter McGrady, and Kate Upton.

What sets King apart from the others is not just her age, but the fact that she is not a professional model. Despite this, King exudes confidence and beauty in her photos for the magazine. Known for her impeccable sense of style as a news anchor, King has proven that she can rock a swimsuit just as effortlessly.

The decision to feature King on the cover has been met with widespread praise and admiration. As a prominent figure in the news industry, King’s inclusion in the Sports Illustrated lineup represents a meaningful step towards diversity and inclusivity. Her presence serves as a powerful message to women of all ages that beauty knows no boundaries.

During a segment on CBS Mornings, King expressed her disbelief and humility at being chosen for the cover. She admitted feeling unworthy of such an honor, despite the overwhelming support from her colleagues and fans. However, it is clear that King’s beauty and confidence shine through in the photos, making her a standout in the lineup.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue featuring Gayle King and her fellow cover stars is set to be released on May 17. The world eagerly awaits the chance to see King’s stunning photos and celebrate her historic achievement. As a trailblazer in the industry, King’s presence on the cover represents a significant moment in the ongoing evolution of beauty standards and representation in media.

With her grace, elegance, and undeniable charm, Gayle King has proven that age is just a number when it comes to beauty and confidence. Her journey from journalist to swimsuit model is a testament to the power of self-love and acceptance. In a society that often places limitations on women based on age, King’s presence on the Sports Illustrated cover serves as a reminder that beauty is timeless and knows no boundaries. Congratulations to Gayle King on this historic achievement!