Girl with Brain Injury Makes Miraculous Recovery

A three-year-old girl suffered a severe brain injury and skull fracture after not being properly secured in the child seat of the vehicle driven by Sonia Margarita Vivas Castillo, 53, in Hialeah. This incident led to the arrest of the driver on charges of child negligence.

The negligence came to light after Vivas was involved in a traffic accident in the area of Fourth Avenue East and 33rd Street. The only victim of the accident was the little girl who was traveling in the back seat without a seatbelt, according to the arrest warrant.

Emergency responders from the Hialeah Police Department arrived at the scene of the collision at 10:45 in the morning to find the injured child lying on the floor of the vehicle. She was unconscious but showing signs of movement and discomfort.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the girl was diagnosed with a severe brain hemorrhage and skull fracture requiring urgent intervention. Meanwhile, the driver was taken into custody on charges related to the accident, with witness statements and traffic camera footage indicating a reckless maneuver on her part.

Further complicating the situation was the revelation that Vivas did not have a valid driver’s license in Florida, which resulted in additional charges for driving without a license and causing serious injury and child neglect with significant bodily harm.

As Vivas remains in custody awaiting her court appearance, the little girl continues to fight for her life in critical condition at the hospital. The authorities have not disclosed the relationship between the victim and the driver but stress the seriousness of the situation and the legal consequences facing Vivas.