God of War and its Classic Trilogy Could Come to PS5

The future of the God of War franchise may be expanding, with rumors swirling on Twitter about the original trilogy making its way to the PlayStation 5.

Insiders and game developers have dropped hints about a potential release, stoking excitement among fans of the beloved PlayStation franchise. While the first two games in the series have deviated from their original hack-and-slash format, there is now speculation that the original trilogy could receive a remaster for the PS5.

Previously, remastered versions of the original God of War games for PlayStation 2 were released for the PlayStation 3, as well as a remastered version of the third installment for PlayStation 4. However, news of a remaster for the earlier titles has been sparse in recent years.

A prominent video game insider from the podcast Xboxera has revealed plans to bring back the original God of War (2005) and God of War 2 (2007), as well as a revision of God of War 3 (2010) for the PlayStation 5. This news has sparked excitement among gamers who have been eagerly awaiting the return of the classic titles to the latest Sony console.

The prospect of these remastered releases has been particularly well received since there are currently no options for playing these classic games on Sony’s latest console. The news was shared by an insider named Nick Baker, known for his regular updates on Xbox-related news.

The recent DLC for God of War: Ragnarok has left hints about the potential direction of the franchise, including references to various world mythologies. These clues, along with the exploration of Kratos’ past, have added fuel to the rumors of the original trilogy making a comeback. It is speculated that the remastered trilogy could potentially be introduced in 2025 or even sooner.

With anticipation building for the potential release of the original God of War trilogy on the PlayStation 5, fans wait in eager anticipation for an official announcement from developers, which could ultimately pave the way for a new chapter in the beloved franchise.