‘Gran Turismo’ Maintains Top Spot at Box Office, Defeating ‘Barbie’ for the Second Consecutive Week

‘Gran Turismo’ Beats ‘Barbie’ at the Box Office for Second Weekend in a Row

In a surprising turn of events, ‘Barbie’ has been dethroned at the box office for the second weekend in a row. However, the margin by which it was beaten is minuscule, indicating the immense popularity and staying power of the film.

The latest blockbuster to hit theaters this weekend was ‘Gran Turismo’, a film based on the popular video game. The movie tells the true story of how a gamer turned into a professional race car driver simply by picking up a controller. Starring Archie Madekwe, David Harbour, and Orlando Bloom, ‘Gran Turismo’ took first place at the box office, raking in $17.3 million domestically. ‘Barbie’ followed closely behind with $17.1 million in ticket sales.

These figures demonstrate that audiences are still flocking to see Margot Robbie and her co-stars even after five weeks since the release of ‘Barbie’. The film’s incredible staying power is a testament to its popularity and continued dominance in the box office.

Last week, another Warner Bros. release, the superhero flick ‘Blue Beetle’, managed to dethrone ‘Barbie’ from the top spot, albeit by a small margin. ‘Blue Beetle’ earned around $25 million during its opening weekend, only $4-5 million more than ‘Barbie’ during the same weekend. Once again, ‘Barbie’ demonstrated its strong performance and is expected to continue doing well in the coming weeks.

Looking ahead, several upcoming blockbusters will have a shot at challenging ‘Barbie’s reign at the box office. These include Denzel Washington in ‘The Equalizer 3’ (set to release on September 1), ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’, ‘The Nun II’ (both on September 8), and finally, ‘A Haunting in Venice’ (on September 15). After that, many heavyweight films are scheduled for release in October, likely pushing ‘Barbie’ down the rankings.

In conclusion, ‘Barbie’ has proven to be the smash hit of the year so far, attracting massive ticket sales and toppling competitors. Its success is unprecedented for a movie about a doll, and it’s safe to say that Warner Bros. has struck gold with this film. There’s no word yet on when ‘Barbie’ will be available on streaming services, but given its box office success, Warner Bros. shouldn’t be in a rush to make it available for streaming.