High-Quality Features at an Affordable Price

Xiaomi has just released its latest model of outdoor surveillance camera, the Xiaomi CW700S Outdoor Camera, and it has already caused a stir in the market. While it may look similar to previous models aesthetically, its performance has some surprising features that set it apart from the rest.

The Xiaomi CW700S Outdoor Camera is currently available in the Chinese market, with no official announcement regarding an international release. The device boasts a list of impressive specifications, making it a standout in the outdoor camera category.

One standout feature of the Xiaomi CW700S is its dual-camera setup, with a 4MP main camera featuring an f/1.6 aperture capable of capturing videos in 2.5K resolution. Additionally, the secondary camera is a hybrid zoom telephoto camera with up to 9x zoom capability, allowing for improved capture of people and distant objects. The device also features 850nm full-color infrared night vision and the ability to make horizontal turns of up to 355° and vertical turns of up to 110°.

The Xiaomi CW700S incorporates new Artificial Intelligence algorithms for tracking people and objects, minimizing false positives and unnecessary notifications. Its built-in speaker and microphone enable two-way conversations, allowing owners to communicate with those outside the home.

In terms of connectivity, the device features dual antennas for stable Wi-Fi signals and can connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signals as well as through its Ethernet connector. Recordings can be stored on a local microSD card, a NAS, or in the cloud. The camera is also compatible with other Xiaomi smart devices and is IP66 rated for outdoor usage.

Despite its advanced features, the Xiaomi CW700S Outdoor Camera is competitively priced at 399 yuan, approximately 51.06 euros at the current exchange rate. It offers a well-rounded set of features at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Overall, the Xiaomi CW700S Outdoor Camera is a standout product in the outdoor surveillance camera market, with advanced features and a competitive price point. If it reaches international markets, it is likely to be well-received by consumers looking for a reliable and feature-packed outdoor camera. For more information and image credits, visit the official Xiaomi website.