Holly Madison has recently opened up about her experience with being diagnosed with autism and how it impacts her life.

The former Girls Next Door star had long suspected she might be on the autism spectrum, and earlier this year, she received a formal diagnosis confirming her suspicions.

On the Talking to Death podcast episode on December 8, Holly discussed her awareness of this condition. She mentioned her mother’s observations about her tendency to zone out frequently during childhood and her struggles with social cues and interactions, which she often dismissed as introversion, blaming it on moving places.

However, her formal diagnosis earlier this year brought clarity. Holly, now 43, acknowledged her high functioning within the spectrum and emphasized that it varies widely among individuals.

She revealed her previous suspicion of having Asperger’s syndrome, which is now categorized under autism spectrum disorder. Remote evaluation sessions conducted over Zoom led to her official diagnosis, with the doctor noting her high executive functioning, enabling her to lead a relatively normal life.

Holly felt it was crucial to share her diagnosis publicly to foster understanding. She expressed the challenges she faces in social situations, often unknowingly offending or irritating others due to her difficulty in recognizing social cues and tendency to interrupt conversations.

Her journey through various social environments, including school, the Playboy Mansion, and college, revealed contrasting experiences. While struggling in some social settings, she found success and comfort in places like college and her job at Hooters, where defined rules for interactions helped her navigate social encounters.

Similar to many on the autism spectrum, she finds it challenging to comprehend different perspectives or behaviors from her own. Nevertheless, she’s been actively working on improving social interactions by consciously making eye contact and apologizing when she unintentionally interrupts conversations.

Holly emphasized that understanding and patience from both sides have become crucial, enabling better interactions without taking things personally.

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