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Coveted MOMO Steering Wheels and Shift Knobs: A Blast From the Past

By John Smith

As an avid car enthusiast and long-time user of MOMO steering wheels and shift knobs, putting together this deals post was a nostalgic journey for me. Reflecting on the cars I’ve owned and the MOMO products I’ve used over the years brought back memories, both fond and bittersweet.

One particular memory that stands out is of my first MOMO Race Airleather Shift Knob, which I installed in my beloved 911. The car was outfitted with a Cavallino steering wheel and Daytona seats, creating a stunning driver interface that added a touch of elegance to the tuning world. However, when I sold the car, I regretted not removing the MOMO components as they went to the new owner, who decided to restore the 911SC to its factory-correct state.

Transitioning to my MK4 GTI project, I initially experimented with a solid aluminum shift knob that, while visually striking, proved cumbersome and impractical for daily use. An unexpected airbag recall prompted me to rethink my interior upgrades, leading to the installation of a MOMO Millenium Evo wheel and another Race Airleather shift knob. The difference these MOMO products made to the driving experience outweighed any other modifications I had made to the car, highlighting the importance of quality steering wheels and shift knobs in enhancing the overall driving experience.

Throughout my car ownership history, I have consistently turned to MOMO for steering wheel solutions, particularly in vehicles without airbags or intended for track use. The MOMO Heritage Prototype steering wheel stands out as another favorite of mine, with its distressed leather adding a touch of character to the interior. While the patina look may not appeal to all, the comfort and feel of the wheel make it a standout choice for extended driving sessions.

One key feature of the MOMO steering wheels I have used is their 350mm diameter, which I find ideal for most vehicles. Smaller wheels may be suitable for race cars with space constraints, but the versatility and ergonomic design of the 350mm MOMO wheels make them a top choice for various applications. The MOMOMOD 07 steering wheel, with its substantial chainring and suede or alcantara construction, caters to racing enthusiasts seeking a high-performance steering solution.

In terms of durability and longevity, MOMO products have exceeded my expectations, with proper care ensuring their longevity well beyond the lifespan of a vehicle. While there are numerous aftermarket steering wheels available, MOMO remains a top recommendation due to its quality craftsmanship and performance-oriented design.

For enthusiasts looking to upgrade their steering wheels or shift knobs, Amazon offers a range of MOMO products at discounted prices:

1. MOMO Race Airleather Shift Knob – Black for $95.00
2. MOMO Motorsport Prototipo Steering Wheel 350mm for $259.00
3. MOMO Competition Steering Wheel 350mm for $245.00

With these deals on MOMO steering wheels and shift knobs, car enthusiasts can enhance their driving experience with premium quality components that combine style and performance.

In conclusion, MOMO steering wheels and shift knobs represent a timeless choice for car enthusiasts seeking quality, performance, and style in their vehicle interiors. As I continue my journey in the automotive world, MOMO products remain a staple in my collection, embodying the passion and dedication of driving enthusiasts worldwide.