HYBE Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk Announces BTS Contract Renewal and Special Project Plans in Hollywood

HYBE Chairman, Bang Si-Hyuk, Announces BTS Contract Renewal and Special Project Plans

Hollywood, USA – At the ‘Bloomberg Screentime’ event held in Hollywood on October 12 (local time), HYBE Chairman, Bang Si-Hyuk, proudly announced the second contract renewal with one of the world’s biggest boybands, BTS. In his statement, Bang Si-Hyuk described this contract extension as a joy that acknowledges HYBE as a reputable management company. “Renewing the contract with BTS is a joy, as it acknowledges HYBE as a management company. It’s a happy occasion as their manager,” said Bang Si-Hyuk.

This contract extension, announced by HYBE the previous month, solidifies the strong relationship between the company and BTS. Bang Si-Hyuk shared that despite their already strong bond, the contract negotiation process was not easy. “Naturally, there were pains during the contract negotiation process. However, overcoming those pains made us closer to each other,” he revealed. For him, as a manager, the greatest happiness comes from the shared efforts and hard work with the BTS members.

In addition to the contract renewal announcement, Bang Si-Hyuk also unveiled a special project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the release of BTS’s iconic album, ‘HYYH (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life)’. “We had discussed creating a commemorative album when the ‘HYYH’ album, released in 2015, reaches its 10th anniversary, and now we’ll be able to do it together,” stated Bang Si-Hyuk. The ‘HYYH’ album is widely known globally, reflecting BTS’s growth as artists and their life experiences.

Furthermore, Bang Si-Hyuk shared ambitious plans for the ongoing global girl group project, Dream Academy. This project is designed to expand K-pop’s influence in the global music market and gain more fans worldwide. “To achieve this goal, both external and internal expansion was necessary. While there is no guarantee of success, we will continue experimental attempts like Dream Academy for the next few years, seeking sustainable growth avenues for K-pop,” he explained.

Not only discussing the future of BTS and the company’s projects, Bang Si-Hyuk also shared his personal plans. “Personally, I hope to live a retired life ten years from now,” he said. While he emphasized that this is not a retirement announcement, he expressed his hope that the company could run without his presence in the future, paving the way for the next generation in the K-pop industry.

With the contract extension cementing the HYBE and BTS relationship, along with ambitious plans for future projects, HYBE and Bang Si-Hyuk continue to make waves and innovations in the global music industry, making K-pop more than just a musical phenomenon but also an undeniable cultural phenomenon.