Illegal aliens in Washington State were given $340 million in Covid funds.

Title: Washington Diverts Federal COVID Funds to Illegal Immigrants

Subheader: Recent report reveals that federal aid ended up in the hands of those ineligible for government assistance, raising concerns of complete mismanagement and potential theft.

Federal funds given to Washington state during the COVID-19 pandemic ended up in the hands of illegal immigrants, according to a recent report. This includes checks for $1,000 when Americans were suffering from unemployment, underemployment, and increasing inflation. Taxpayer money was given to illegal aliens during a time of economic hardship for many Americans.

The heading of the article “Washington state diverted $340 million in federal “COVID funds” to illegal immigrants” has sparked outrage and drawn national attention to the issue. The report, by the Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC), has revealed that money administered by the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF), created by the American Rescue Plan Act, provided a total of $4.4 billion in funding to Washington state. This program intended to help state and local governments with their response and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report from the group highlighted how $340 million in funding went to a program that sent $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants in the state. The funds, approved by the Washington state legislature in April 2021, provided another round of funding for undocumented Washingtonians. The Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund was first set up in 2020 to grant checks to those ineligible for government assistance programs due to their immigration status. Treasury documents confirm that the state has since provided an extra $340 million in federal relief funds for the one-time cash grants, with 10% of the funding going to community-based organizations to administer the program.

This is by no means the only example of federal funds being misallocated or the system being abused during the COVID-19 pandemic. The AP found that over $280 billion was given to fraudsters and another $123 billion completely wasted. This is a good indication of how easy it can be to misuse taxpayer funds in any situation and especially when people are in fear.

It would be one thing if they used Washington funds. Instead, they used federal tax dollars, drawing concerns about complete mismanagement and potential theft of taxpayer money. This revelation has sparked outrage among citizens and calls for accountability and transparency in the use of federal funds.

The diversion of funds to illegal immigrants has caused a stir on social media platforms, with many expressing anger and disappointment in the mismanagement of federal COVID relief payments. Twitter users and social media platforms have been abuzz with discussions about the misallocation of federal funds and the potential misuse of taxpayer dollars, heightening the need for a thorough investigation and accountability in the handling of federal aid.

The issue has reignited debates about the misuse of taxpayer funds during times of crisis and the need for stricter oversight and measures to prevent such abuse from occurring in the future. Calls for accountability and transparency in the use of federal funds have been echoed by citizens and lawmakers alike, as they demand answers and assurance that taxpayer money is being used for its intended purpose.

As the public continues to express outrage and concern over the mishandling of federal aid, pressure mounts on lawmakers and government officials to address the issue and take decisive action to prevent such mismanagement and potential theft of taxpayer funds in the future. The revelation has shed light on the need for stricter oversight and transparency in the allocation and use of federal funds, as the public demands accountability and answers from those responsible for the mismanagement of federal COVID relief payments.