Indulgent Holiday Delights: Christmas Cheese Board with LALA®

LALA® Presents a Sophisticated Christmas Cheese Board

This holiday season, LALA® presents a sophisticated and delicious option for your Christmas or New Year’s dinner – a cheese board that is sure to captivate diners from the very first bite. With a mix of flavors and textures, this artistic presentation offers a wide variety of cheeses, from the creamy Queso fresco LALA® to the melting Queso Oaxaca LALA® and the versatile Queso Panela LALA®. The incorporation of sausages such as ham, salami, or sausage adds a salty and meaty note that perfectly complements the selection of cheeses, making it the perfect ‘host’ for your festive evening.

The board becomes a visual delight with the inclusion of fresh and colorful elements, such as red and green grapes, juicy strawberries, and cherry tomatoes, providing a refreshing balance. Crackers provide the ideal crunchy texture to contrast with the softness of the cheeses, while a mix of nuts offers a contrast of intense flavors and a variety of textures in every bite. The careful decoration with rosemary branches not only adds an aesthetic touch but also offers a subtle herbaceous aroma that envelops the festive table.

To prepare your Christmas cheese board with LALA® cheeses, start by arranging the cheeses in sections on a wooden board for an attractive presentation. Then, arrange the sausages in elegant folds around the board and strategically distribute the cookies, grapes, strawberries, nuts, and cherry tomatoes for a contrast of flavors and textures. If you wish, you can add olives in small piles for those who enjoy them and sprinkle sprigs of rosemary between cheeses and other elements for a visually appealing presentation.

Once your Christmas board with LALA® cheeses is ready, invite your guests to help themselves and experiment with different combinations of cheeses, sausages, fruits, and accompaniments, for a delightful and memorable holiday experience.

For more festive recipe ideas, visit the LALA® website.