Is it a fact or fiction that UGA is in the lead for four-star recruit Chris Cole?

Title: Recruiting Analysts Discuss Top College Football Prospects and Predictions


In a panel discussion, national recruiting analysts Adam Friedman, Jed May, Richie Schnyderite, and Charles Fishbein debate three key topics in college football recruiting. They analyze the prospects, make bold predictions, and determine whether each statement is a fact or fiction. It is an insightful conversation that sheds light on the future trends in college football recruiting.

Topic 1: Georgia is Still the Favorite for Chris Cole’s Commitment

Chris Cole, a talented linebacker from Virginia, has been a highly sought-after recruit. The panelists discuss whether Georgia remains the favorite to secure his commitment.

Adam Friedman believes it is a fact that Georgia holds the lead in the race for Chris Cole’s commitment. Despite strong interest from USC and Tennessee, Georgia has established a solid relationship with Cole. The bonds he has developed with the coaching staff, players, and current commits give Georgia an advantage.

Jed May agrees with Friedman and states that while Tennessee and USC are making the recruitment challenging, Georgia still sits in a good position. They have built a strong relationship with Cole from the beginning, and their track record of player development is an enticing factor.

Topic 2: New Jersey’s 2025 Class and Potential Four-Star Prospects

The panelists shift their focus to the talent pool in New Jersey’s 2025 class. They discuss whether there are at least two more four-star prospects in the state.

Adam Friedman considers it a fact that there are indeed at least two more four-star prospects in New Jersey. Penn State commit Jaelyne Matthews is currently the top prospect in the state. However, DJ McClary, Quincy Porter, John Forster, Jahmir Joseph, and Kamar Archie have also earned national rankings. Additionally, Renick Dorilas, Cameron Miller, Cameron Smith, and De’Zie Jones are three-star athletes who could potentially reach four-star status.

Richie Schnyderite agrees with Friedman and believes that this could be one of New Jersey’s strongest classes ever. He highlights the depth of talent in the state, including multiple top targets who have the potential to move up in the rankings.

Topic 3: Florida State’s Recruiting and On-Field Success in the ACC

The final topic of discussion centers around Florida State’s potential dominance in recruiting and on the field within the ACC.

Adam Friedman asserts that it is a fact that Florida State is likely to win the ACC in both recruiting and on the field. They currently hold the top spot in the ACC recruiting rankings and demonstrated their prowess on the field in a game against LSU. Friedman suggests that if the team maintains its current form, they will run away with a conference championship.

Charles Fishbein agrees with Friedman, emphasizing that Florida State’s complete team performance against LSU showcased their potential. He believes that the Seminoles’ top recruiting class and the addition of difference-making prospects like Jeremiah Smith will further solidify their dominance.


In this panel discussion, recruiting analysts Adam Friedman, Jed May, Richie Schnyderite, and Charles Fishbein provided their insights and predictions on key college football recruiting topics. They analyzed the prospects and made informed judgments on the future of these recruits and the impact they might have on their respective teams. With their expertise, it becomes evident that these recruiting analysts have a deep understanding of the college football landscape and its upcoming stars.