Is it Completely Inappropriate for Scott Disick to Give His Son Reign a Rolex as a Gift?

Scott Disick Faces Criticism for Giving His 9-Year-Old Son, Reign, a Rolex Watch

Scott Disick, the ex of Kourtney Kardashian and co-parent to their three children, has been facing criticism for a recent parenting choice. The reality star caused a stir when he posted a now-deleted Instagram Story featuring his family, including 11-year-old Penelope and 9-year-old Reign. The siblings looked stylish and relaxed in the photo, but it was Reign’s expensive accessory that caught people’s attention. The young boy was spotted wearing a silver wristwatch with a white dial, which appeared to be a Rolex. With an estimated value of up to $7,000, the luxurious timepiece has sparked debate about whether it was an appropriate gift for a child.

Some social media users have expressed outrage over the perceived extravagance of the gift, questioning whether it is age-appropriate for a nine-year-old. One Reddit user wrote, “Why is that young kid already wearing a Rolex? What is the matter with Scott?” Others criticized Scott for potentially encouraging materialism at a young age, with some suggesting that he should have chosen a more modest token for his son. However, not all opinions were negative. One commenter noted that, aside from the pricey watch, the kids looked “so normal” when they were out with Scott. Others raised the point that the Disick-Kardashian family’s wealth and lifestyle may make such expensive gifts more routine.

Amid the controversy, Scott appears nonchalant and unbothered by the criticism, while the Kardashians, known for their outspokenness, have not publicly commented on the issue. Nonetheless, the gift has prompted a wider conversation about parenting, values, and the appropriate age for receiving expensive items.

Despite the backlash, it is important to note that we do not have the full context of the situation. While Scott has certainly faced scrutiny for his parenting choices in the past, it’s possible that Reign requested the watch, or that it was a gift from another family member. Ultimately, the decision to give a nine-year-old such an expensive item may not be as straightforward as it seems. In the Kardashian-Disick family, where wealth and extravagance are often on display, the boundaries of what is deemed appropriate for young children are undoubtedly far from typical.

Scott and the Kardashians are no strangers to controversy, and their family dynamics have been the subject of public fascination for years. Typically, audiences are privy to every detail of their lives, but this situation leaves much to speculation. Nonetheless, the overwhelming response to Reign’s Rolex watch has reignited conversations about parenting in the spotlight, the influence of wealth on children, and societal attitudes towards luxury items and childhood.

As the debate rages on, the heart of the issue remains the same – what is best for Reign and is he truly equipped to handle the responsibility and understanding of such a valuable possession at his age? One can only hope that the Disick-Kardashian family will address the issue with the insightful and thoughtful approach it deserves.