Israel Gears Up for War Stages: Issuing a Warning

Israel prepares for attacks, calls for Gaza region evacuation
Egypt blocks passage to nation
Thousands of people have been affected after the war broke out last weekend between Israel and the armed group Hamas. Now, Israel announces that it is preparing its army for the next stages in the armed conflict that has claimed thousands of lives. They inform about the measures planned by the Israeli government against the armed group Hamas, with whom they have been constantly fighting in the past few days. But before you continue reading, we invite you to listen to the “Sargento El Podcast” by CLICKING HERE.

Since Friday, October 13, the Israeli people have issued warnings to the population of Gaza, ordering their evacuation. This is because they are preparing for an offensive attack against the armed group Hamas, with whom they have been in conflict for a week. According to CNN’s news portal, the Israeli army could be preparing for a ground incursion that could take place at any moment. The objective is to conduct a kind of hunt by Israel in which the main target is the search for Hamas supporters.

The Israeli minister pointed out to the troops stationed on the Gaza border that the next stage of the war is about to begin. They have informed that the Israeli forces are increasing their operational readiness for the next stages of the war. They also mentioned in a statement that the IDF forces are in preparation. This is to implement a wide range of offensive operational plans that may include coordinated combined attacks, whether they are land, air, or sea.

Similarly, CNN’s news portal mentioned that the airstrikes against Gaza have not stopped during these days. Israel claims that its army managed to eliminate a Hamas commander who played a key role in the attack on Saturday, October 7. According to the Palestinian health ministry, more than two thousand people have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the conflict. Meanwhile, according to UN information, more than 1,300 buildings have been destroyed in the past week, including many residential buildings.

Israel has asked the population of northern Gaza to evacuate the area towards the south of the region since last Friday. However, the situation has become complicated because Hamas militants are preventing civilians from heading south. According to CNN, Israeli forces have declared that anyone approaching the border will be shot. This is why inhabitants and even foreign refugees are trapped in the Middle Eastern village.

Meanwhile, the people trapped in the Gaza region due to the conflict have started seeking support from Egypt. However, they cannot cross into Egypt for protection due to the decisions of the armed groups. Additionally, Egypt itself closed the passage to the nation until obtaining authorization to provide humanitarian aid from the parties involved. This is why they decided not to receive anyone from Gaza until they receive a green light from those involved.

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