Jenelle Evans: Addressing my son’s mental health challenges

Title: Former Teen Mom Star, Jenelle Evans Speaks Up on Son Jace’s Recent Incidents


In recent news, former Teen Mom cast member, Jenelle Evans, has been in the spotlight due to her 14-year-old son, Jace, being reported missing twice in mid-August. While authorities swiftly located Jace on both occasions and he is currently safe at home, concerns have been raised about his well-being. Evans took to social media platform TikTok to address the situation and defend herself against the criticism she has faced. In her video, she shed light on the challenges Jace has been facing and pleaded for privacy during this difficult time.

Background on Jenelle Evans and Custody of Jace

Jenelle Evans, known for her appearances on MTV’s reality show, “Teen Mom,” has endured a turbulent journey as a mother. Her mother, Barbara, initially took custody of Jace shortly after his birth due to Evans’ legal troubles and substance abuse issues. However, in March of this year, Evans gained full custody of her son.

Jenelle’s Defense

On August 30, Evans addressed her critics and shared intimate details about her son’s struggles. She highlighted the unfair blame being placed on her for Jace’s actions, expressing her frustration with the hate and negative comments she receives. Evans emphasized that Jace has been facing difficulties for the past few years but kept his issues private to respect his privacy.

The Struggles of Jace and Personal Circumstances

Evans revealed that her son has been grappling with mental health issues, which shed light on his troubling behavior. While she assured viewers that Jace is healthy and safe, she requested privacy regarding the specifics of his struggles. She also mentioned a significant reason behind her reclaiming custody from her mother, Barbara, which she did not elaborate on.

Incident of Jace Setting Fire and Prior Behavior

The recent incidents involving Jace’s disappearance are not the first instances of concerning behavior. In 2021, it was reported that Jace allegedly started a fire inside his grandmother’s house. Although Jace’s behavioral issues have been discussed in the past, this is the first time Evans has spoken about them in detail.

Call for Privacy

With her statement on TikTok, Evans urged the public to respect her son’s privacy and not to delve into the specifics of his mental health struggles. She expressed gratitude to those who would offer support and understanding during this challenging period for her family.

Social Media Argument and Clarification

Prior to Jace’s disappearance, Evans and her husband engaged in a public argument on social media. The reality star clarified that the incidents involving Jace were unrelated to their dispute, dispelling any misconceptions.

Importance of Monitoring Children’s Phones

As a final remark, Evans advised parents to monitor their children’s phones. She stressed the importance of taking disciplinary action when necessary but also acknowledging that children may not always react positively to having their phones taken away.


Recent events involving Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace, being reported missing have raised concerns about his well-being. Evans addressed the situation on TikTok, asserting that Jace is safe but facing mental health challenges. She appealed for privacy, emphasizing that the details of his struggles should not be shared. As the public awaits further updates, it is essential to respect their privacy and offer support during this difficult time.