Jenelle Evans: Concerns for the Safety of My Kids – My Mom is a Source of Fear

Jenelle Evans Files Restraining Order Against Mother, Barbara Evans

In a surprising turn of events, reality TV star Jenelle Evans has filed for a restraining order against her own mother, Barbara Evans. The news has shocked many, especially considering that Barbara is 70 years old. This development comes after Jenelle recently regained custody of her teenage son, Jace, who had been living with Barbara since he was an infant. Previously, Jenelle claimed that she and Barbara were finally getting along after years of hostility, but it seems that was not the case.

It is clear that the relationship between Jenelle and Barbara has deteriorated significantly. The two were once close, but now they are far from it. Despite briefly appearing to repair their relationship after the custody matter was settled, Jenelle has now taken drastic legal action, claiming that Barbara poses a threat to her safety. In court documents obtained by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Jenelle requested “ex parte” protection against her mother.

In the documents, Jenelle checked boxes indicating that Barbara has either attempted or intentionally caused her bodily harm. She also claimed that Barbara has placed her or members of her household in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Additionally, Jenelle accused Barbara of continued harassment that has caused substantial emotional distress.

One incident Jenelle brought up in the court documents was when Jace ran away from home last month. She alleged that Barbara broke the law by providing a statement to TMZ without her permission. According to Jenelle, this action caused emotional distress to both herself and her son. In addition, Jenelle accused her mother of frequently name-calling her parenting in text messages, which she found distressing.

Jenelle also accused Barbara of contacting their old MTV producer, Larry Musnik, twice in recent months, despite no longer working on the show. According to Jenelle, this behavior further added to the emotional distress she and her son experienced. She provided texts between Barbara and Larry as proof of her claims.

Interestingly, Jenelle did not request protection for her husband, David Eason, in the restraining order. However, she did ask the court to prohibit Barbara from purchasing or owning firearms, which could potentially conflict with David’s stance on gun ownership.

Jenelle’s relationship with MTV has been tumultuous in the past. She was fired from Teen Mom in 2019, so her claim that she chose not to work with them anymore is misleading. It remains to be seen how this legal action will affect her standing with the network.

As this situation unfolds, there is speculation about the state of Jenelle and David’s marriage. The couple has faced controversy and public scrutiny in the past, so it is unclear how this latest development fits into their dynamic. Meanwhile, Jenelle now has full custody of Jace, and it is hoped that she takes the restraining order seriously to ensure her and her son’s wellbeing.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving story.