Jennie BLACKPINK Takes BLINKs Behind the Scenes of ‘You & Me’ Production Process in One Day

Jennie, one of the members of BLACKPINK, recently released her highly anticipated solo material. The rapper dropped her solo single titled “You & Me” on October 6, which was first introduced during their Born Pink World Tour. The song was followed by a live jazz version released earlier this week and a performance video released the previous week. However, what captivated fans even more was when Jennie released a behind-the-scenes video on Friday, October 13, documenting the filming process for both visuals.

In the video, Jennie showcased the shooting location for her “You & Me” performance video while wearing the same red ruffled outfit featured in the performance video. “This is the shooting site for my ‘You & Me’ performance video. As we wrapped up our world tour, I wanted to gift ‘You & Me’ to our BLINKs. So, I’m finishing this as soon as I finished the concert,” Jennie said with a smile to the camera.

The behind-the-scenes video displayed scenes of Jennie performing alongside backup dancers, with a glittering moon backdrop, shown in slow motion. The video also included scenes of Jennie and a male dancer performing a duet together. “The set is so beautiful, isn’t it? There’s one more set left, so please enjoy,” Jennie said, expressing her excitement to the audience.

What made the video even more impressive was the fact that Jennie and her team managed to shoot both the live performance video and the live jazz version in a single day. “We shot the live video and performance video in one day,” Jennie revealed, highlighting the efficiency of their production process.

Closing the behind-the-scenes video, Jennie reflected on the experience and mentioned her desire to create something special for BLACKPINK fans, also known as BLINKs. “For BLINKs, I put everything in the box and even sprinkled it with sparkles on top!” she added, laughing. “Everyone worked hard, and it was such an enjoyable shoot.”

“You & Me” marks Jennie’s second solo track after her debut single “Solo” in 2018. Currently, she is the only member of BLACKPINK who has not yet released a solo album or mini-album.

BLACKPINK fans and BLINKs can watch the behind-the-scenes video for “You & Me” on the official BLACKPINK channel and experience the joy and dedication from Jennie and her team in creating this special piece of work. Stay tuned for further updates on BLACKPINK members’ solo projects.