Jeremy Renner – Marvel star ‘has a lot to fight for’ a year after snow plow accident

Marvel movie actor Jeremy Renner said knowing he had “a lot to fight for” helped him survive a snow plow accident a year ago.

Renner, 52, is in critical condition after breaking more than 30 bones after being accidentally hit by his own snow plow, on New Year’s Day 2022.

He told CNN: “I’m very blessed because I have so much to live for, I have a big family, a 10-year-old daughter.”

The only choice he gave himself was to “be better.”

“I would be disappointed and really mess up a lot of people’s lives if I died,” said the actor who plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“I’m also quite stubborn, there’s a lot to fight for and recovery is just a one-way street in my mind and my recovery.”

The crash occurred after a New Year’s storm hit the US, causing heavy snowfall in several states.

Renner used his snowplow to rescue his nephew who was driving a car but was stuck in the snow near his house.

He managed to pull his car free, but when he got out, the plow started moving unattended, Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam said at the time.

Renner was trying to get back into the driver’s seat to stop it moving, when the “very large” piece of equipment hit him, Balaam added.

The actor was flown to a hospital in Reno, Nevada, and spent some time in the intensive care unit.

He told CNN about the trauma experienced by his “poor nephew” who saw him being run over, saying: “I gave him, you know, images that he will never be able to see.”

But he added: “I know that my recovery will be healing for him”, as well as those close to him who were affected by the accident, such as his daughter.

He said he “never thought about my physical illness or my pain or my own suffering – so the one-way road to recovery was like a mental attitude.

“And that attitude is to always get better. And there’s no other choice than that.”

On her Instagram Stories, Renner shared a photo of herself hugging her nephew after speaking with CNN, and wrote: “Post-interview love from my sweet nephew that helped save my life.”